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  1. Vinegar Showering

    I tell everyone how good vinegar is for your hair, body and skin…Everyone asks about details…So here is the attempt to get the details in writing for everyone. I shower on average 3 times per week…this is all I need. Now if I've been working outside or getting sweaty and dirty; of course I shower. How often you need to shower is determined partly by your diet and what personal care products you use. What goes in must come out. A very healthy diet goes a long way to keeping your skin soft and supple. Your skin is your largest elimination organ. I turn on the water. I turn it on full hot to get the hot water. (I will step in as soon as it starts to warm; (I dislike cold showers). I let the water flow down my body; head to toe after adjusting the temperature. I work my fingers through my hair to let the water rinse through. After getting all wet, I step back so my head is not getting any more of the water. You can turn the water off for a few minutes.

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  2. Recommended Reading List

    Recommended Reading List

    Interested in how I learned to create wonderful products that work? On this page is a partial list of books that I studied over the past 12 years. The top 15 are especially dear to my heart and important to my education for this business. Interested in starting a business like ours in your community:? Start educating yourself! Purchase these books (almost all can be found used on or This knowledge is powerful. If we are all educated in herbs and essential oils; we can keep the Pharmaceutical industry and government control where they should be....Chemicals are killing us and killing our children. We have to take control of our health back from the "doctors" and the pharmaceutical chemicals in everything including the drugs they push. Be willing to go through this whole detox process for yourself and your family. If you won't work hard for yourself, you will not able to help others change their lives for the healthier. Our future plans include helping

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  3. Benefits of Emu Oil

    Benefits of Emu Oil
    • Arthritis Pain Relief
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Burns, Wounds & Scratches
    • Bruising & Muscle Pain
    • Eczema & Psoriasis
    • Personal Skin Care
    • Poison Ivy & Oak
    • Sports Injuries
    • Joint Pain

    A Secret Worth Sharing, Read On

    Emu oil helps to relieve ailments and provide temporary relief from:
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  4. Links--essential oils, herbs, chemicals in commercial products

    Think Green! Here are some very interesting Websites-- Much great information on herbs, essential oils, recipes and the chemicals in commercial products and the harm they can do. Interested in recipes for making some of your own stuff? Have fun... This website has a lot of interesting information on natural healing: Do be cautious on clicking on all those ads. Don't know how good any of those companies are in terms of toxicity. Here is some information I found on the Wall Street Journal website:

    •  Purina is owned by Swiss company Nestle . . . Where is
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