Frequently asked questions

I am having trouble placing an order as guest (pay by credit card without a paypal account).

We are troubleshooting and working with PayPal to try to determine why this is occuring. We know from our testing and customer reports that iPhone will often not let an order be placed without using PayPal. We are in the process of testing issues on other devices.

If you are having trouble placing an order with your credit card, you can try placing your order on a different device and/or a different browser. If you continue to have this issue, or have no other device, please call us to place your order at (815) 874-0924.

Why does the price listed change when I add the product to my cart?

The prices shown in the selection list are added to the "As low as" price to arrive at the price of the option selected. That is why there is a plus sign in front of each price in the selection list, except for the lowest price option.

For example, the product shown below. The 2 oz size is the "As low as" price and there is no dollar amount listed for the 2 oz size in the drop-down list. The 4 oz size is $6.60 more. The next screenshot shows that when the 4 oz size is selected, the price updates to $16.78 since $10.18 + $6.60 = $16.78.

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