Here are some basic recipes that you may want to play around with.

Cream recipe

1 cup oil ¼ oz (3 Tbls) beeswax 1 cup distilled water, warmed to about 100 degrees 30-50 drops essential oils 2 vit. E capsules or ½ tsp. T50 (vit. E) (For extra preservation: ¼ tsp Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE) Carefully melt beeswax in oil. On stove, use a double boiler. In microwave, use short lengths of time, checking frequently. Add vit. E or T50. Put water in blender (always put oils into water). Remove center of lid. Turn blender on, SLOWLY add oil/beeswax blend to water. Should start to thicken about ¾ of the way through. Add essential oils. Finish adding oil mixture. Pour into jars. Shelf-life is about 2 or 3 months, longer if extra is refrigerated. Instead of water; hydrosols, tea or aloe juice can be substituted.

Lotion recipe

1 cup oil (try sunflower, jojoba, shea butter and olive. Or any combination) 4 Tbls beeswax 2 cup distilled
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