Gillette Shave Cream

Palmitic acid: Emulsifier. Adverse effects: Contact dermatitis Triethanolamine: Detergent; surfactant. Adverse effects: Contact dermatitis May contain carcinogenic impurities Isopentane: Solvent. Adverse effects: Breathing difficulties; Has anaesthetic effect on the skin; Dry skin; contact dermatitis, Altered heart rhythms; Dizziness; headaches; Irritating to nose and throat. A major component of gasoline vapour, and a chemical relative of isobutane (see). Glyceryl oleate: Emulsifier, Emollient. Adverse effects: Skin allergies; dermatitis Stearic acid: Emulsifier. Adverse effects: Skin allergies Parfum: Fragrance. Adverse effects: Allergen; Triggers asthmatic reactions; skin irritation; Headache; mood swings; depression; forgetfulness. 'Parfum' is a collective name given to hundreds of different chemicals used to produce fragrance in cosmetics and toiletries. Most are neurotoxic and many are persistent (ie, they don't break down in the environment
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