Anne P. My husband and I started using the herbs over a year ago. I have some spinal problems and have found that the Bone and Joint Tonic has been very helpful to alleviate pain and swelling in my back. The change is not immediate; the herbs have to be used over a few days consistently to create change. Nonetheless, it is so refreshing to know that the change is not from medicine that have suppressed pain, but it's from the herbs working with my body to create health through nutrients that my body has been needing to allow it to heal and change to be healthy. We also use the Calcium Tonic, since we have changed our diet to have more whole fruits and vegetables with less breads, milk, and cheese. I have found we have less calcium in our diet and have been desiring to have more, thus the Calcium Tonic has been very helpful especially if one plans on being pregnant. The Whole Body Tonic my husband uses daily like a vitamin and we both use the Whole Body Tonic if we feel we are starting

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