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  1. Canadian Orders

    We are sorry that our shopping cart cannot process Canadian credit cards or calculate shipping to Canada at this time. We suggest you use our shopping cart to build your order and send it to us with your shipping information by one of the following ways:

    • Copy and paste your cart or take a screen shot and paste it into an email to us.
    • Print out your cart and mail it to us.
    • Telephone us during business hours.
    We will take your shopping cart information, calculate your total, and contact you for credit card information. To insure accuracy and efficiency in processing your order, we prefer email or mail rather than telephone. 1986 Will James Rd Rockford, IL 61109 Email: Business hours: Mon-Thu, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm central time. Phone: 815-874-0924. Please understand, we do not have an answering service.
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  2. Essential Oil Information

    Essential Oil Information

    About our essential oils

    We have a long-term relationship with a family-owned import company. What grade are our oils? There are standards and grades of essential oils. We purchase Therapeutic grade essential oils and organic essential oils. These are cold-pressed oils; very high quality. Therapeutic grade essential oils are the grade below organic. A few oils are absolutes when essential oils are unavailable or prohibitive in cost. How do we know they are pure? When we use the oils; we get the results we expect. Each oil has healing qualities as well as a distinct scent. You do not get these same results with inferior oils. I strongly recommend
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