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  1. Organic and non-GMO

    Here are two questions I receive from time-to-time. I would like to address them here for all of my customers. "Are your products Organic and non-GMO?  Why don't you get certified?" 95% of our ingredients are non-gmo. The other 5%, I'm not positive about. As far as organic; I purchase them when the price is comparable. To become certified organic, and non-gmo is very costly and labor intensive. Frankly, the majority of my customers could not afford our products if we were to go that route. Our prices would probably about double. Many of our customers can barely afford the cost of our products now. The amount of paperwork and "hoops" to jump through is amazing. I have checked it out. Did you know that the "organic" designation is a trademark owned by the USDA? There are certain chemical pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers that are allowed on organic fields. The rain is coming down through our chemical-laden atmosphere and layering these "organic" items with the same chemicals

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  2. Clear Skin

    From Tim C: My skin is perfectly clear for years now because of your products:) I love the new liquid gold and age spot roller products and can't thank you enough for what you have done for my confidence. I wish you a merry christmas and very happy new year. God bless!

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  3. Anti-Itch and Wound Cream

    From Jessica J: I just wanted to say we LOVE your Anti itch and wound cream. I purchased a bottle years ago (maybe 2006) from a sustainable fair and have used all but the last drops. My kids ask for it with any itchy bug bites and immediately get the relief they have searched for. I have tried other products but they were not as helpful or impressive as your product! I finally need more after all these years! Thank you! You need to add a guest book to your website so we can write these messages for all to see! Thank you and God Bless!

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