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  1. What's That?


    Of the more than 15,000 chemicals found in personal care products, 60% are considered toxic. Here is a list of the ones you will find most often, and why you should avoid using them. Of course, none of these are ever used in Toxin-Free products. While this list may seem extensive, and boring, we want you to know that use of any of the chemical agents listed below can have severe adverse effects on your skin. The FDA allows these ingredients, which are by and large very inexpensive, to be used in small quantities. The problem is that most of them have cumulative effects–they add together as you continue to use them. Topping it all off, imagine this–if ONE of these is bad for you; imagine what they do in COMBINATION with each other. We are convinced they make a TOXIC SOUP, and hope you will learn to avoid every one of them.
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  2. How Toxic Are You?

    Here are a list of questions to honestly ask yourself about you, your children with problems, your lifestyle. You have my permission to print this off so you can take the time you need to honestly answer these questions.
    1. Do you understand what ingredients in products are chemical and which are real?
    2. Have you checked on all your products and researched the chemicals in them? (
    3. How long have you been filling your skin & internal body system with chemical toxins?
    4. How do you think these toxins will be removed from your skin & body?
    5. Do you think they will just vanish? (Don’t we wish?) --If the chemicals were absorbed through your skin--- those same chemicals are mostly still in your skin causing issues.
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  3. Three Day Juice Cleanse

    This 3 day Juice cleanse will help cleanse your gastrointestinal tract.  Make sure you are determined enough to go through this cleanse. Dr. Christopher directed caretakers for persons on their death beds in performing this cleanse. It can be a miracle working cleanse. Most of what ails us is the “toxic junk” this cleanse works great against. Our bodies are full of our choices. Most of us have made bad food choices all of our lives. Most of us have unwittingly used toxic personal care products on a daily basis. This 3 Day Juice Cleanse will help the body get rid of some of this toxic overload we have been storing up in our body. Over time as you change your choices; and continue to utilize this cleanse, your body will become cleaner and less toxic. It will be a life-long pursuit to keep your body system clean. Long, happy life can be yours, when your body is healthy. You will need two juices for this cleanse. 100% prune juice and another juice—carrot, apple, grape

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