1. Dairy, Gluten, Soy

    DAIRY, GLUTEN, SOY Gluten:  All of our products are gluten free! Soy oil:  The Laundry Soap has some Organic non-GMO soy oil That said, I always recommend using the Soap Nuts. They are fantastic, simple and clean wonderfully. Dairy:  These are not consumable products. From our understanding, it does not apply to products applied to the skin. We use nonfat dry milk powder in the following: Moisturizing Milk Bath,  Goat’s Milk Soap,  Acne Care Cleanser,  Daily Cleanser,  Exfoliating Face Serum,  Green Tea Cleanser,         Almond & Honey Scrub Please understand that all products are made in a facility where these items are located.    Kathleen

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  2. Mineral Color chart--HealingScents.com

    I've had customers asking the range of our colors. Here is a cheat sheet listing: Peach Pearl,  Fair,  Fawn,  Warm Glow,  Light Cappuccino,  Cappuccino,  Chestnut Golden shades:  Asian Pearl,  Golden Glow

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  3. Rosacea Cream

    You also sent me the Rosacea Cream. I am in love with it. I believe it is helping me with my redness. My skin looks good and well hydrated. Thanks a million!!!! I will purchase more when my sample runs out. Thanks for all you do in educating people on non- toxic, non-harmful ingredients in products. God Bless!!!! Vera

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