1. What is a gluten?

    Dinosaur Comics defines gluten,


    Comic used by permission of Ryan North - Dinosaur Comics Thanks, Ryan!

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  2. Gluten Free and proud of it!

    We do not charge extra for this! We do not use any chemicals derived from wheat, rye or barley. I stopped using "hydrolyzed" chemical ingredients several years ago. I realized they are created with petroleum chemicals. There are thousands of chemicals that can cause a skin reaction in a person with a compromised digestive system. We have taken oats out of almost all of our products. See our ingredients page for the few that still contain oats. When it is there; we grind "Bob's Red Mill Old Fashioned Rolled Oats". Oats do not contain gluten, but can be "contaminated" in the mill. By grinding my own oats, I remove a major part of the contamination process. The amounts I use in my products are small (1-2 Tablespoons in 1 gallon); but they provide great skin care benefits. Vitamin E The natural Vitamin E; I use to help preserve our products comes from vegetable sources and is Circle U Kosher.

    THE $100,000

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