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  1. Essential oils for eczema and psoriasis

    [embed][/embed] Kathleen discusses how she chooses essential oils for her products.

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  2. Yoga For Your Health

    When being mindful of your Health, you must add exercise to your life. Yoga is a wonderful workout. I love yoga so much that I became a certified instructor. I want to bring balance, strength and flexibility to an aging population. A “perfect” body is not needed to practice yoga. Many of my students realize benefits quickly when using several basic yoga poses daily. Ten to fifteen minutes a day will give great benefits. Our bodies love the stretch, which helps us to build strength, balance and confidence. Yoga helps to keep the discs between the vertebrae plump, supple and healthy. With adult spines, all nourishment to the vertebrae, discs, spinal muscles and other soft connective tissues comes from movement. When we move, fluids flow into and out of the spongy discs. These movements include stretching, lengthening, forward movement, extensions, lateral movements, and twists. Discs that are not nourished begin to shrink and lose their elasticity. Under nourished
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  3. The Story of Cosmetics

    Toxic chemicals in commercial personal care products explained.

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  4. domain name back

    Our old web host finally gave us control of our domain name after receiving a polite letter from our attorneys. is now being forwarded to If you use google, bing, etc to search for us and find any urls that don't forward properly, please copy the link and send it to us so we can get it fixed.

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