tooth gel

  1. Amazing

    I’ve been on a quest to use natural skincare products and I’m so glad I found your site! I strongly believe things happen for a reason and finding your site only proves that. I received my order and have been using the products over the past week. I love the facial cleanser and make-up. I especially love the baby lotion, diaper cream, and tooth gel for my daughter! I’m amazed and thankful at how much care you’ve put into your products. Keep up the good work and much blessings to you!
    Martha T.
    Bethel, AK
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  2. Cleanser, Tooth Gel, Air Freshener

    Hi Kathleen! I wanted to tell you that I received my order yesterday. I absolutely LOVE the cleanser without the castile soap. It is really wonderful on my skin. I also wanted to tell you how much I love the orange tooth gel sample you put in my order. It is a much better product to brush with than traditional toothpastes that can be so unhealthy and abrasive. I am going to order a large amount. I also very much appreciate the other samples you give. The air freshener you sent smelled wonderful! You are amazing!!! Thanks Krissee

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