reverse hair loss

  1. Hair Loss Products

    ....Love your products! I've been using reverse hair loss for over two years and my hair is thicker and I can see new hair growth. Still thin on top but a drastic improvement everywhere else. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Donna

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  2. Do Essential Oils help hair re-growth?

    As many of you, my regular customers know, I have been targeted by the FDA for scrutiny. One of the issues the FDA has is our Reverse Hair Loss products. Here are a listing of four studies on the positive effects some essential oils have been proven to help:  Hair growth-promoting activity of hot water extract of Thuja orientalis  Peppermint Oil Promotes Hair Growth without Toxic Signs  Randomized trial of aromatherapy. Successful treatment for alopecia areata. Randomized trial of aromatherapy: successful treatment for alopecia areata Through

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  3. Hair Loss

    I've been using your products for a couple of years now and LOVE them. I have been using the Hair Loss Bar on my hair and have seen actual hair growth at my forehead. It does not seem to be thicker all over but I am glad the balding spots are now filling back in. I also use your face oils for 50's skin. However, of late, I am starting to see a lot of fine lines at my eyes. Is there something I can add to my regimen that will help my visible lines. --Donna G (Kathleen Here: I recommended use the Mature Forever Young Face Oil or our new Liquid Gold with Jojoba oil.)

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