My skin is perfectly clear for years now because of your products:) I love the new liquid gold and age spot roller products and can't thank you enough for what you have done for my confidence. God bless!

--Tim C.

Kathleen, Your products are so awesome & we use them everyday :) We couldn't imagine life without them! We feel so blessed to have them available to us. Thanks again for all your hard work & dedication :)

--Gretchen H.

I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome products! Everytime I get a new order my girls are wanting to sniff the new scents or try out whatever I have gotten! Thank again!

-- J Torres

Los Molinas CA

Thank you for sending me these wonderful products. It amazes me how much LIFE and SPIRIT you put into them. I can feel the love vibrating off them. One day, I want to meet the woman who puts her soul into her product.

--Rebecca T.

Your toothpaste is the best! I like the way it is not as abrasive as commercial toothpastes. Thank you for introducing it to me at your dental cleaning.

--Jean M

Dental Hygienist

Rockford IL

... I would just like to say I love all your products you sent me. Even the samples. I am 31 and have been a slave to commercial products since I can remember. I have been using Oil of Olay pro-x for over a year. I knew it was bad for me. But, with fine lines and wrinkles, I didn't care. However, your face oil and cream that you sent are like little miracles in a bottle. Instantly after washing with your cleanser followed by the toner and 30's oil last night I had no more fine lines. Blew Oil of Olay out the water. Your sample of the Eczema & Psoriasis cream cleared up my psoriasis over night. The Clarifying shampoo is great. My hair was not gunky and greasy like it has been for the past 2 weeks of going no poo. My daughter loved the lavender bar for her hair. She loves that she doesn't have to use shampoo and conditioner any more. We washed a load of colored clothes with the soap nuts w/vinegar rinse followed with the dryer sheets and lemongrass oil and they came out great. My fiance also likes the men's face lotion. He has been using the Olay also and was surprised that your product worked even better. Needless to say we are all very happy with your products and I will definitely be ordering full size bottles of all the products I ordered from you. I am a single mother in the military and this is going to definitely help us with our family budget. No more throwing my money away on commercial products that are toxic to my family and the environment. Please keep up the good work and I will definitely spread the word about your wonderful products to everyone I can.

-- ET3 Charly P.

US Coast Guard

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