Insect Repellents

Handcrafted, Essential Oil based, bug control. 

Mosquitoes: Please remember that early morning and late evening are considered "avoidance" times to be outdoors during mosquito season. The females are busiest at this time. Essential oils do their best, but nothing but DEET can deter hungry females then. 

The Skeeter Beater with long sleeves and pants will deter them; but the swarming is annoying. I spray my yard with the Creepy Crawler Killer when the grass and plants are still wet with dew. The insects are not able to fly until their wings dry. The neem seed oil and essential oils discourage harmful insects while benefiting helpful insects. 


Just discovered something interesting–I have been able to repel and discourage "fat eating" ants by using our Cinnamon Breath Freshener. Apparently, Cinnamon essential oil is the oil to use. They despise it. In a 16 oz. spray bottle, add 60 drops cinnamon oil to a little honey or vegetable glycerin. Shake well, add water, shake well. Spray where they are coming in. Peppermint essential oil works also; you can try other essential oils if you have them. 

There are many websites that recommend using dish detergent in water. This works, but you are spraying dilute petroleum chemicals around your home. Hmmm, which is worse, ants or chemicals?

Fire Ants:

I learned a great way to stop Fire Ants and keep them out of your home. They hate ground oats (oatmeal). Lay a line around your doors, or home. Wonder how much it would take to keep them out of the whole yard? (hmmm) Give me feed back if you do this. Let us help others avoid those critters.

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