I burnt my finger today really badly. I was keeping ice on it for hours and finally decided to try putting the anti itch cream on it (I didn't have the pain relief cream or the new burn ointment). My finger had been stinging badly for hours but now feels fine! I am constantly amazed at how everything actually works! I don't get a chance to try a lot of things myself but I love the samples because that' how I've been able to try a few things myself. I was also very amazed at the Respiratory Ailments Herbal Blend. I've been having a lot of breathing issues here (probably a combination of mild asthma, allergies, and all the lovely red sand and volcanic ash we get blowing in here. ) Anyway, I decided to try the herbs and within minutes I was barely coughing and felt much better. Hubby had an allergy flareup tonight and I gave him two capsules and he felt great, and went right to bed with no problems. Another thing I love
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