I tell everyone how good vinegar is for your hair, body and skin…Everyone asks about details…So here is the attempt to get the details in writing for everyone. I shower on average 3 times per week…this is all I need. Now if I've been working outside or getting sweaty and dirty; of course I shower. How often you need to shower is determined partly by your diet and what personal care products you use. What goes in must come out. A very healthy diet goes a long way to keeping your skin soft and supple. Your skin is your largest elimination organ. I turn on the water. I turn it on full hot to get the hot water. (I will step in as soon as it starts to warm; (I dislike cold showers). I let the water flow down my body; head to toe after adjusting the temperature. I work my fingers through my hair to let the water rinse through. After getting all wet, I step back so my head is not getting any more of the water. You can turn the water off for a few minutes. I rub my bar of soap front to back on my scalp three to five times. Then I rub the bar under each arm and down the lower back. I put the soap down. Then start massaging my whole scalp with my fingers. I enjoy this part. It seems to be a real stress reliever. With my soapy hands; I wash my underarms and the rest of my body. Now I step under the water and work through my hair while rinsing the soap off. (At this point, I usually get squeaky clean hair.) Rinse then rest of your body. Turn the water off again. Now I get the vinegar bottle….Starting at the front of my scalp with my head tilted back, I slowly drizzle a stream all along the hair line. With my other hand guiding, I drizzle the vinegar it over shoulders, arms, back and legs. I make sure I put some under arms and down the crack. I use full strength apple cider vinegar. You can use any dilution you are comfortable with. I put the bottle down. Then using my hands I gently work it through my hair and gently rub skin all the way down (if I have time). With my vinegary hands I gently wash my face. I turn the water on and rinse. Start rinsing with my face and hair, then letting the water rinse it off my body. Turn off the water and TAH DAH! Done! As you can see, I don’t use much soap. Sometimes I will use a Face Scrub on my face if I am having any issues. I will use one of my Body Scrubs on my hands, arms, legs if I get any dry, scaliness….which may only happen in the winter. Dry off without pulling or stretching your skin. Leave your skin slightly damp so the extra water can be absorbed into your skin. Enjoy a toxin free body. Apply one of our deodorants, a light application of Forever Young Face Oil (on damp skin) and I’m ready for my day! You can use the Whipped Body Butter or the Ultimate Lotion on your skin for silky soft, healthy skin. I prefer using the Butter at night before bed. Hope this helps…remember to enjoy the journey; looking ahead not back Blessings….Kathleen