Think Green! Here are some very interesting Websites-- Much great information on herbs, essential oils, recipes and the chemicals in commercial products and the harm they can do. Interested in recipes for making some of your own stuff? Have fun... This website has a lot of interesting information on natural healing: Do be cautious on clicking on all those ads. Don't know how good any of those companies are in terms of toxicity. Here is some information I found on the Wall Street Journal website:
  •  Purina is owned by Swiss company Nestle . . . Where is all the processed pet foods being made now???
  • Gerber -- owned by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis....What is in our baby food? Just how far apart is real from chemical??
  • Vaseline -- British/Dutch conglomerate Unilever N.V. . . . also owns Ben & Jerry's - Popsicle - Hellman's/Best Foods Mayonnaise. Wow!
Eating real foods is becoming more important all the time. Much of my herbal knowledge has come from books like "The Scientific Validation For Herbal Medicine", by Dr. Daniel B Mowry, PhD. Here is a link to information on him and some of the articles and books he has written. Interested in learning about herbs and herbal medicines? The School of Natural Healing founded by Dr. Christopher is still in Utah today teaching about herbs and their benefits. Environmental Working Group ( This web address links to a page about the toxins in cosmetics and personal care products: Household product database--find ingredients in products with links to ToxNet to find out about them. The Ecologist Online Here is an organization dedicated to our right to choose vitamins and natural supplements without the FDA regulations strangling companies: Dr. Michael W. Fox PhD, BVetMed Dr. Fox has some very interesting articles on his pages. He writes about Animal welfare and health care reform, the FDA, pet foods and more! Here is an interesting website: