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If you are looking for safer alternatives to commercial chemical-laden personal care products, you have come to the right place! Our products consistently have low hazard ratings on the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

Custom Formulated For You

Custom formulation means work for us, but the freshest product we can give you.

Our liquid soaps are made in 5 gallon batches. Our bar soap recipes make 36 bars at one time. Both of these work better when they have cured for 30 days. Our lotions, creams, butters and ointments are made in 64 ounce–2 gallon batches. As you can see, we do not have product sitting around. We make up our scent blends in 1 – 8 ounce glass bottles (depending on how popular the scent is. Samples are made by hand. Filling little bottles and making samples is a labor of love to help you try different products we make.

When you order a product that has a choice of scent—say you order a Citrus Fresh Shampoo; we put a couple of ounces of the shampoo base in the bottle. Next, we add essential oil scent blend. We shake well. Add more shampoo base and scent blend; shake well. We cap the bottle, label the bottle, make the next item you ordered.

As you can see; this is a labor of love. There are no bottles of shampoo or jars of whipped body butter sitting around just waiting for you to order them. The exception to this is a very few popular items. This is why we don't put many items "on sale". Products do not sit on the shelf getting old.

Shelf Life

We do not use chemical preservatives in our products. We do use natural preservatives: rosemary oil extract, neem seed oil, natural vitamin e, and potassium sorbate (for those products with water in them). Yes, I know that potassium sorbate is not the most natural ingredient, but I need it to protect the water side of our lotion emulsions. The shelf life of 99% of our products is about one year. The Forever Young Face Cream and the Face Cleansers have more like a 9 month life. If you need to store excess products, put them in the refrigerator; you will "suspend" their shelf life.

The benefits of Healing Scents products over more famous commercial products:

  • Minimal processing – High heat and pressure destroys the benefits of the essential oils and carrier oils. This is the difference between a chef-prepared meal and a processed, frozen dinner. We make products the way you would if you had the resources.
  • All recipes were formulated for the specific health concern–not only the essential oils used, but the carrier oils and additives also.
  • Our recipes do not use petroleum chemicals...we use real ingredients. We are master chefs not chemists. Commercial products are made from chemicals.
  • No animal testing. We are PETA certified. But we do have wonderful products for the cat or dog in your life! I use the products on my own spoiled cats.
  • All products are hypoallergenic. I have an extremely low allergic-reaction rate among the sensitive, allergy-prone customer base I have.
  • Uses organically-grown and grown-without-chemicals ingredients, cold-processed oils, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.


The philosophy of Healing Scents is to make reasonably priced, toxin-free products that actually work, 100% guaranteed! Healing Scents offers quality natural hand made products. These products include essential oils and offered at the lowest possible cost. 95% of our raw materials are cold-processed, wild-crafted, or organic. Our essential oils are therapeutic grade.

We are dedicated to providing products for you and your family that are pure and natural. We make our products from scratch. Kathleen created the recipes we use here at HealingScents.com. Bottles and jars are filled one at a time by hand. Please understand that we are dedicated to the best, most natural products we can make. If it doesn't work, we won't sell it. Our goals for our products: If I, Kathleen, would not give it to my Granddaughters or Jesus, we won't sell it to you.

Our products DO NOT contain petroleum-based chemicals. We are master chefs, not chemists. This also means they are environmentally safe and healing. Petroleum detergents are toxic pollutants and a non-renewable resource. These chemicals are TOXIC and can cause long-lasting problems to the environment as well as our health. All of our products have ESSENTIAL OILS. Essential Oils provide a balancing, soothing, healing aroma for your body, mind and spirit.

We strive to provide these all-natural handcrafted products at the lowest possible prices. You can be assured that we try to find the safest, most natural ingredients to use. To keep prices low, we use a simplified labeling arrangement and minimal or no colorants.

Being a micro-business, we have always printed our own labels. We use water-resistant labels which work much better than the alternatives. We have tried tape and sealant sprays. They do not work. The tape holds moisture behind it and makes the problem worse. The alternative: have labels professionally printed on that shiny, non-smudging paper, would cost us about $20,000. We have over 2000 product skus. Labels would need to be printed for every scent even though some are not ordered often, or we scale down our scent offerings. I ask my customers to remember you are supporting a small business, not a giant conglomerate. You should be using up the shower products within a year; so, I have never felt the need for permanent labeling.

Healing Scents is a home-based, woman-owned business in Rockford, Illinois, USA; I start work at 7 a.m. Please understand that calling at that morning hour gets you a grumpy person. I do not always answer the telephone before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m. We try to keep business hours within the 9 a.m.–3 p.m. central time range. (After 3, I am off to the post office to drop off packages.)

Our customers love us so much, we would not be able to maintain a family life if we did not place limits on phone calls. Our contact form or email is the best way to reach us after hours and will get our full attention.


Premium Healing Scents products versus the commercial "big boys" on the Internet or at your local store.

Our prices are higher; our quality is superior—our products work. Most personal care companies are now owned by a few pharmaceutical companies. They have economy of scale. Their batches are 500—1000 gallons. They have to use chemical ingredients and preservatives to keep them preserved. Their "natural ingredients" have also been chemically processed, unless you are buying a premium organic product. Their chemical raw materials cost pennies. In fact, the packaging, shipping, advertising, is all wrapped up into those products and cost much more than the ingredients. We are a micro-business; we can't do business like them.

If you trusted the "big boys" products—their ingredients and where they are produced—you would not be looking for safer alternatives. I started this business because I learned not to trust those "big boys" products. I feel it is those ingredients that are causing the eczema and skin issues as well as the illness and cancers rampant in our world today.

I, Kathleen, feel these are the best products you can buy. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible so everyone can afford our products.

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