Handcrafted Aromatherapy for body, 
home, and spirit. 

We offer the same quality therapeutic-grade essential oils we use in our own beneficial blends and sprays.

The therapeutic-grade Essential Oils in these formulas have been utilized for hundreds of years for their wonderful benefits. Some of which is "anti-" almost everything bacteria related to keep your life healthy without chemicals.

Sprays quickly infuse the atmosphere with the properties of the essential oils. Sprays work wonderfully on yourself, in the air, on pillows, linens, surfaces and fabrics. I like to take my glasses off, close my eyes, tilt my head up, spray at arm's length over my head, and let the spray drift gently over me.

Incense has spirit-uplifting fragrant herbs that have been popular in incense burning for centuries. No fillers or wood pulp in our incense.

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