Our Cassia obavata gives shine, body, health to hair. Used to strengthen and condition hair. Cassia can also dye pale or gray hair a golden wheat color. Does not stress the hair. Very thick hair or abundant locks require more paste. It is better to mix more than you think you’ll need. If you have leftover paste, you can put it in your freezer in a plastic freezer bag, and thaw it for later use. If you freeze leftover paste regularly, you will always have some leftover to use if you run short. What do you need? Medium hair length start with ½ cup Just Shine. Put in large glass bowl.
  1. Juice from 4-6 lemons or ½ cup lemon juice.
  2. Pour it slowly in the powder. Keep stirring. If necessary, add more liquid—oil, water, apple juice. The object is a yogurt-like consistency.
  3. Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap and towel. Let sit 2-12 hours. (The longer it sets, the stronger is the paste. I know just work with it).
  4. Put Ultimate Lotion or Whipped butter all around areas you do not want tinted. Put on gloves. Have ready the bag you will cover your head with. If the blend seems too thick, thin with more liquid. Too thin and it will run down your neck. You can thicken with small amount of flour or arrowroot.
  5. Apply the blend. This is a messy step especially if you have longer hair. You can put it in a small bag and squeeze out or just apply with fingers. Start with temples and roots. You want to concentrate the majority of the mixture on gray areas. Then work through hair leaving no dry spots.
  6. Gather hair together and wrap head in your plastic bag to keep the head warm. Wipe off any blend that may be left on your skin. Put on the headband or fasten whatever way you devised.
  7. Wrap with the towel. With much gray hair, let remain on your head for some time (several hours or overnight). Course hair takes longer than fine hair. You can use heat from a dryer, heat lamp, or thermal heat cap to shorten time.
  8. Rinse your hair with water until it runs clear. Clean off any walls around you or you will have dyed splotches. You can apply Vinegar or Conditioner and rinse out.
  9. Do not wash with soaps or shampoos for several days. Color will change after washing. Using the vinegar rinse instead of soaps will prolong the color. Treating it with Intensive Hair Treatment will prolong the beauty of the color. Depending on what you use on your hair, color will last 4 – 8 weeks.
Learn from your mistakes to improve results. This can be a wonderful science experiment for children.