When dark shadows or bags linger, the cause typically is not something temporary, like a few too many cocktails. It might be something you've inherited. Pigmentary issues that cause under-eye discoloration are common among people of Asian or African descent. Age also contributes to dark circles. With age, the skin around the eye thins, exposing the tiny blood vessels that lie just below. If you pull the skin sideways and the darkness turns blotchy, that's evidence the problem is caused by excess pigment in the area, says Joseph Eviatar, MD, a New York ophthalmic plastic surgeon. Most often, dark circles aren't about changes in the color of the skin at all. Instead, they're created by a loss of volume in the area around the eye. That exposes the orbital bone, creating a hollow trough that shows up as a dark circle. With the delicate eye area one of the first spots to reveal signs of aging, this can happen as early as the late 30s or 40s.

Four things you can do, without surgery, to help keep your eyes looking youthful.

  1. Switch to our toxin-free products to give your skin new life. Your skin will start to respond very quickly and you will be amazed at how wonderful your skin will be in just a couple weeks.
  2. Stop using chemically-based products on your hair and skin. Use Healing-Scents’ Forever Young Face Oil on your skin. With damaged already done, we recommend using the 50’s or the Mature Face Oil. The special blend of cold-pressed carrier oils and the essential oils help repair the damage in your skin.
  3. Don't smoke. Smoking weakens collagen and causes premature wrinkling and sagging.
  4. Use Healing-Scents Concealer to help conceal dark circles. Hiding dark circles with concealer is simpler than you may think. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone, a cream or cake concealer covers best. Lightly pat the concealer on from the inner corner of your eye to just past the outer corner. Here at Healing-Scents we have a great cream concealer that includes essential oils that help reduce dark circles.
Other, more expensive options, including treatment with IPL or intense pulse light, can help by destroying those pigment cells and smoothing the skin. A series of four IPL treatments, at about $200 each, is typically needed to see improvement.