Studying Alertly Essential Oil Spray

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Studying Alertly-Essential Oil Spray
Studying Alertly helps students to retain information.

Studying Alertly helps students to retain information.

These Handcrafted sprays use pure heavenly therapeutic-grade essential oils to surround you perfectly. Each essential oil has it's own properties to help you embrace a natural way to balance and scent your life.

Surround yourself with an essential oil blend. Gently helps to bring your mind back into balance with your spirit. Use in the air around you or as a personal body spray. Each formulation has a combination of essential oils to help with many situations in your life. Not only are they soothing, but also produce a wonderfully scented atmosphere.

These formulas are great for using in the air, on our body and/or hair, lightly spray on pillows, linens and any fabrics.

Although they are all natural, we do not recommend that you spray them in or around your eyes. Commercial sprays have many chemicals in them. They do not use the power of essential oils.

ingredients water, vegetable glycerin, essential oils per indicated blend
Studying Alertly: lemon essential oil, peppermint essential oil, patchouli essential oil, clovebud essential oil, thyme essential oil
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