Room/Fabric Essential Oil Spray

As low as $6.88
Room/Fabric-Essential Oil Spray
Clear and refresh air and fabrics with our room and fabric spray. Made with the power of Robbers essential oil blend.

Removes odors, Helps remove v***s and b*****a on surfaces and in the air. The essential oils in this product don't just mask the problems, it helps to correct them.

Use on fabrics and carpets to remove pet odors. Clear and refresh the air while killing b******a and v***s.

Protect your family the natural way.

NOTE: this is the same formula as the Immune System and Robbers sprays.

Commercial air fresheners use formaldehyde, i.e. DMDM hydantoin, MDM hydantoin, formalin, benzene, toluene, propane, methyl chloride, xylene. They are toxic when inhaled, a severe skin irritant, and a suspected carcinogen that is linked to cancer.

ingredients water, vegetable glycerin, essential oils per indicated blend
Robbers (aka Germ Buster): lavender essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, clovebud essential oil, eucalyptus globulus essential oil, orange essential oil, rosemary essential oil
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