Exotic Spice Body/Essential Oil Spray

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Exotic Spice Body/Essential Oil Spray

Lead the crowd with Handcrafted Body Sprays!

These body sprays use only pure heavenly therapeutic-grade essential oils to surround you perfectly. Each essential oil has it's own properties to help you embrace a natu ...

Lead the crowd with Handcrafted Body Sprays!

These body sprays use only pure heavenly therapeutic-grade essential oils to surround you perfectly. Each essential oil has it's own properties to help you embrace a natural way to balance and scent your life.

Now available: 20 drop sample vials of all scents...see essential oils drop down.

Attraction is a spicy, earthy blend. Enhances our willingness to open to others and attract harmony into our life.

Calming is a warm, balancing lavender scent. Promotes a more peaceful atmosphere for those stressful times.

Citrus Fresh is a peaceful, refreshing blend with many citrus essential oils. This is one of our signature scents. Our "citrus" loving customers keep coming back to this. It is a well-rounded citrus scent that stays well.

Citrus Sage has a glorious citrus scent with the deepness of sage essential oil added taking the edge off any sweetness in the blend. A great scent for those who like citrus but want something deeper.

Creativity has a spicy, earthy scent. Stimulate creativity, desire, focus and motivation. Fosters a positive attitude, help to rise above adversity, overcome procrastination and self-pity.

Exotic Spice. Many guy customers say their girl friends love this intriguing scent. Works great for many women too...intriguing is good. Spicy, mysterious, yet traditional.

Ginger-Orange has a warm, fresh, green, spicy ginger blended with sweet, uplifting orange.

Herbal Balance & Energize is clean and fresh. Helps to balance emotions while refreshing and energizing body system. This is a great blend that works for families...men, women, boys and girls like this scent.

I Love Lavender is a very popular blend. The Lavender is rich and full. The Patchouli adds a deep touch of sensual. The Chamomile helps balance and round out the scent.

Joyful is a balanced combination of calming, uplifting essential oils that help create energy, bring joy and peace. This facilitates the releasing of anger and frustration. Repressed negative emotions are at the root of many health concerns. Promotes harmony and balance in the mind and body. A definite favorite with my customers. It is my (Kathleen) personal favorite.

Juniper Forest smells like the beautiful forests in the mountains of Arizona. Has a touch of Sandalwood and Frankincense. Sweet, fresh, woodsy-balsamic.

Lavender Love has that lovely Lavender scent. For lavender lovers. This is a longtime favorite. Our Lavender is an amazingly complex scent.

Lavender-Minty is a long-lasting soothing uplifting scent. No fancy name; just a great refreshing, cooling scent.

Lemonade has a fresh lemon and vanilla scent.

Lemongrass-Tangerine is a citrus blend with Clove and Cinnamon. Not too sweet! This has been a consistent favorite with customers.

Mandarin Grapefruit is an uplifting citrus blend with the zing of Grapefruit.

Mood Uplifting has a citrusy earthy scent. Uses the essential oils that help uplift your mood and balance you in your surroundings. Help for those down times. Will not overcome depression by itself; but gently lifts the spirits. Use often in stressful times.

Motivation has a chamomile, spicy, earthy scent. Helps get a body moving. Yes, it really does work! Enhances the ability to move forward while stimulating feelings of action and accomplishment. To help overcome procrastination. One of my (Kathleen) favorite sprays to keep around.

Neroli Orange has an intriguing blend. Smells heavenly! Helps relieve chronic anxiety, depression and stress. Neroli is good in cases of insomnia. Also joyous and uplifting.

Patchouli is a deep, earthy sensual essential oil blend. For Patchouli Lovers! This is a favorite with men and women.

Peaceful Feeling helps calm those fears gently. Helps when facing tough situations or decisions. This blend helps to calm those irrational fears that can overtake us. Fear of bridges, storms, and/or strange environments are part of many people's lives. Use this blend often when faced with a fear to help overcome it.

Pepperminty is an uplifting and balancing blend with a clean, fresh scent that soothes the mind on those who are stressed and uplifting to the tired.

Refreshing helps create an upbeat atmosphere. A minty, citrusy blend to refresh after a hard day.

Release Me has calming, grounding essential oils to help release buried emotional trauma, like accidents, death of a loved one, assault or abuse.

Romance has a floral scent touched with Vanilla. Rose otto and other essential oils that define romance. Balancing and sensual. This scent is also available in our massage lotion or oil for intimate times.

Ylang Ylang is an oriental, sensual blend that works for both women and men.

Our other essential oil sprays for issues like sleep, stress, alertness is available here: Essential Oils Sprays

ingredients water, vegetable glycerin, essential oils
Exotic Spice: clovebud essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, frankincense essential oil, black pepper essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, allspice essential oil
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