Solid Perfumes

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Solid Perfumes

Solid Perfumes

We have combined pure floral wax with essential oils to create a great, heavenly solid perfume that is worry free. No fragrance oils—just pure essential oils, absolute and floral wax.

Jasmine Kisses—jasmine floral waxes, jasmine absolute

Rose Dream—rose otto floral wax, rose otto essential oil

About Body Scents

Hand-Crafted, soothing way to surround yourself with scent. Essential oils have many verifiable properties for the human body. Joyful and Motivation are a couple of the favorites.

All essential oil scents help provide experiences of: balance, calm, uplifting, peace, joy. We use only pure heavenly therapeutic-grade essential oils. Use in the air around you or as a personal body spray.

We have many formulas to help create a healthier home environment. Whether eradicating virus and bacteria are your goal, gently calming your children, or to soothe snoring; we have formulas for you.

Regular use of these sprays will create a healthier home. Essential oils have many properties against virus, bacteria and other harmful germs. Be healthy in your life; surround yourself with essential oils.

Stop breathing toxic-chemical laden colognes and sprays. If you check the ingredients in your sprays, you will want to toss them.

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