Room/Fabric Spray


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Room/Fabric Spray

Room/Fabric Spray

Removes odors, Helps remove v***s and b*****a on surfaces and in the air. The essential oils in this product don't just mask the problems, it helps to correct them.

Use on fabrics and carpets to remove pet odors. Clear and refresh the air while killing b******a and v***s.

Protect your family the natural way.

NOTE: this is the same formula as the Immune System and Robbers sprays.

Commercial air fresheners use formaldehyde, i.e. DMDM hydantoin, MDM hydantoin, formalin, benzene, toulane, propane, methyl chloride, xylene. They are toxic when inhaled, a severe skin irritant, and a suspected carcinogen that is linked to cancer.

Cleaning and Insect Repellants

Handcrafted household products for general cleaning and laundry products.

Also here, you will find handcrafted products to kill or repel those nasty bugs that hide out in your laundry room or buzz around and try to bite you!

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