Pumie Scouring Stick

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Pumie Scouring Stick

Pumie Scouring Stick

This is a tool that I, Kathleen, have used for years to take care of hard water build-up—especially in my cheap low-flow toilet.

Pumice powers out lime, rust and stains in toilets and urinals without harm to porcelain finishes. Pumice Power works when the strongest chemicals quit. Pumie is 100% pure pumice. Its miraculous cleansing ability is well known to professionals. Food service chefs, painters, plumbers,farmers, mechanics, pool servicers, the industrial cleaning and maintenance trade all depend on the abrasive cleaning action of pumice to remove baked-on food and grease, water and acid stains, rock-hard mineral deposits, paint, rust, lime and other substances from hard surfaces.
Safe for hands. Safe for children. Contains no harsh detergents or other chemicals.
Pumie Scouring Stick Cleans:

  • Unsightly toilet bowl rings
  • Stubborn stains in tubs, sinks and showers
  • Rock-hard mineral deposits around faucets and drains
  • Scale and rust on metalwork and piping
  • Rust and grime on workshop and garden tools
  • Unwanted paint on tile, masonry and concrete surfaces
  • Baked on food, grease and carbon buildups in ovens, on barbecues, grills and iron cookware

Size: 6" x 1 ¼" x 1 3/4"
Versatile 100% natural pumice hard surface cleaning aid for ceramic tile, porcelain, concrete, brick, stone work, hard metals and hard plastics. Removes stubborn lime, rust, stains and paint. Cleans workshop and garden tools, swimming pools and barbecues. Safe for skin. Safe to use and store around animals.
Bathroom porcelain fixtures turn brown from hard or well water. Don't give up on the fixture. These dark areas are rust stains. To remove these stains, use a pumice stick.
How I use this Pumice Stick:
Spray vinegar all around inside of toilet. Use soft scrub brush all around. Flush. Wet the Pumice Stick; then rub it back and forth on the stain. It should remove the stain completely. Works under the rim. The paste buildup helps to clean and polish. To get into the holes better, use an old tooth brush. Flush. Repeat using the pumice stick, if needed. Spray vinegar around, then use soft scrub brush. To clean stick hold under water faucet.

Do not use on soft, highly polished metals, unbaked enamel finishes, glass, fiberglass and other plastics. Some decorator tile and colored porcelain is fragile and may be damaged by abrasive cleaning materials. Test a small area before proceeding.

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