PMS Aromatherapy Oil


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PMS Aromatherapy Oil

PMS Aromatherapy Oil

We have taken the essential oils that help with your Premenstrual Symptoms and combined them with Sunflower Oil and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

These essential oils combine in a pleasantly scented Aromatherapy blend to help with your symptoms—whether it is the weepiness, irritability, or anger.

Start at onset of symptoms.
As needed, apply to temples, breasts, lower abdomen, and/or lower back. Breathe deeply of the aroma. We recommend using the Women's Tonic Herbal Vitamins and/or the Splendid Women Tea. The Calm and Lift Herbal Vitamins are great for mental stresses. These will work internally to help balance and soothe your body systems.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

See blog post: Do Essential Oils Have Antiviral, Antibacterial Properties? for study links.

Toxin-free products for women.

Handcrafted chemical-free products dedicated to women who want exceptional toxin-free products, whether you are in your child-bearing years or beyond.

If you are having a few issues; we urge you to drink herbal tea. Our Splendid Women's Tea is perfect to help get those annoying symptoms under control.

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