Old Fashioned Drawing Ointment

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Old Fashioned Drawing Ointment

Old Fashioned Drawing Ointment

1/2 oz. jar
With its 12 supporting ingredients that promote healthy inflammation in times of diet, strenuous exercise and stress (inflammation is a normal function of the body), including cocoa butter, beeswax, chickweed, goldenseal and poke root, Old-Fashioned Drawing Ointment can be depended on helping you with certain skin issues, along with splinters.

Because of all of the ingredients, this old-fashioned ointment produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Reminiscent of the old-fashioned black salve from 30 years ago, Drawing Ointment is made much the same way, except there is no petroleum or black tar in this drawing formula.

How Old-Fashioned Drawing Ointment Works in your Skin
The combined ingredients helps support healthy skin in regard to drawing out things in the skin you do not want, while at the same time promoting a healthy immune system and healthy inflammation.

The Old-Fashioned Drawing Ointment works by softening the skin, thus weakening it. The blood circulation in the area causes pus to form around the area. As you apply the Old-Fashioned Drawing Ointment consistently, and with the skin's own ability to push things out, the foreign object and pus are naturally drawn out of the weakened skin.

Take Care of Your Skin the Old Fashioned Way...Try Old-Fashioned Drawing Ointment.
I'm always interested in how my customers are doing, so please let me know why you have decided to try Drawing Ointment, and how well it has worked for you. Send me an e-mail if you also have any questions.

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