Laundry and Cleaning Soap


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Laundry and Cleaning Soap

Laundry and Cleaning Soap

32 oz. concentrate makes 1 gallon soap, 8 oz. concentrate makes 32 oz. soap

I first marketed this wonderful cleaner as laundry soap. It was my clients who found out how great this is at everyday cleaning projects also. I have a few clients who use this for everything: in their shower, for their shampoo, wash the clothes, the car, the dog, and the floors.

For cleaning: use straight on sponge or cloth to wipe counters, sinks, stove. Wipe again with clean damp cloth if needed. Spot clean carpets: use a tiny amount and work into the stain. It has taken out printer ink from carpets.
Tubs and sinks: Put soap on wet sponge, sprinkle baking soda around, lightly scrub surfaces. Rinse. No harmful residue left behind.

For laundry: use ¼ cup for normal loads. Can be used to pre-treat stains and spots. Washing in warm or hot water helps this soap. We recommend using a white vinegar rinse. Use as you would a liquid fabric softener, but chemical-free. This wonderful soap also works great in those high-efficiency washers—use 1/8 cup normally. It is a low-sudsing soap.

Before continuing to use products that claim to come from coconut oil, ask yourself what and how many toxic chemicals ago. Making soap naturally doesn't make five syllable words.
Children and pets are susceptible to the chemical residues left by these products.

Don't pollute your home with those nasty chemicals. Gentle, yet very effective for cleaning everything. Helps stop those itchy rashes from harsh petroleum-based detergents.
Our castile soaps are pH neutral.

About laundry products

Handcrafted Cleaning Products

Both the Laundry Castile Soap and the Soap Nuts work in an HE washing machine. We have an HE washing machine. Mike,my husband uses the Laundry Castile Soap; I prefer the easy Soap Nuts. Both clean very well and your clothes will last longer as well.

We recommend using warm or hot water when possible. Virus and bacteria are not killed in cold water.

Fabric Softener

YOU DON'T NEED IT!!! White Vinegar is the best fabric softener you can use. Combined with a natural Castile Soap, your clothes will last long and not fade! Check out the benefits of using White Vinegar in your washing machine. Use the same amount of Vinegar as you would a fabric softener. Add it to the Fabric Softener dispenser. If you are washing white clothes, you can add Vinegar in the wash cycle. It will help whiten whites and remove stains. NO, YOUR CLOTHES WILL NOT SMELL LIKE VINEGAR AFTER THEY COME FROM THE DRYER!!!!

Stain Stick

Plain Jane or 100% Olive Oil bar soap! Dampen stained area. Gently rub bar on stain. Wash as directed for the type of stain. Petroleum-stains may need a petroleum-created stain stick.
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