Immune Support Spray


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Immune Support Spray

Immune Support Spray

How to Use Immune Support Spray
Simply spray it in the air and on surfaces that raise an eyebrow. Spray your bathroom, your car, gym bags, shower shoes, any item that may be shared by others. Take along for those "iffy" bathrooms you may have to use.

Our immune system is pretty remarkable. There is no man-made piece of machinery anywhere that can match what it can do. It's made up of a network of cells, tissues and organs all working together in trying to keep us healthy 24/7 when we are out there in a less-than-hospitable world.

In fact, our body has over 37 trillion cells in it! But sometimes even the right amount of sleep, exercise and diet isn't enough to promote and then support a healthy immune system. It seems like every time we turn around, something else is going on out there that can compromise us.

Which is why you need additional support to give to every one of those 37+ trillion fragile cells. The essential oils in your new Immune System Spray has been shown in many studies to help promote and then support healthy cells. You've probably seen such studies while doing your own research.

One such essential oil that has been studied comes from cinnamon leaves. Cinnamon comes from the Laurel plant family. This small and bushy evergreen tree is native to Sri Lanka, but now grows in many countries such as India, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Its chemical, when released in our blood stream acts in a way that our body can recognize as a normal substance, and not man-made, thus being able to do a better job in our body.

Do a search on this oil and you'll see all the wonderful, positive studies done on it.

In addition to the cinnamon essential oil there are clovebud, eucalyptus globulus, lavender, orange and rosemary essential oils - all working together in sync to give a stronger response in our body.

To explain how these fascinating oils are able to do this would get all too sciencey, and I know many of you just want assurance that these combination of Immune-System oils are backed by legitimate research.

But - the proof that these work in promoting a healthy immune system, and then supporting it 24/7 will be you! So try Immune Support Spray. It comes in various sizes, from 2 ounce, all the way up to 16. Click on the orange "add to cart" button, and order how many ounces you think you'll need to give you peace of mind.

You could also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil as well.

Thank you for trying Immune Support Spray, and do let me know what you think of it. I would love to read your opinion on it.

About Immune Support Products

Handcrafted Immune Support products.

Fight Back against Covid-19 Coronavirus, Seasonal Flu and Colds, MRSA Superbugs!

Concerned? So are we! "Purified Palms", "Hands-To-Go" and "Immune Support Spray" are formulated to help address this problem.

There is much information about the effectiveness of Essential Oils on virus, fungus and harmful bacteria. I have incorporated these essential oils into these and other products.

Commercial "Antibacterial" products can add to the "superbug" problem. By using these, you are washing an antibiotic down the drain, into the earth's water system.


  • Wash hands frequently with a mild Castile soap with Essential Oils. Use running water for at least 20 seconds. It is the water that washes away the virus and bacteria on the skin.
  • If you do not have castile soap handy use plenty of water, then a drop of surfactant available on palms of hands. Rub. Rinse for 15-20 seconds. It is the water that washes away the virus and bacteria on skin.
  • Blow nose hard at least two times daily.
  • Use Healing Scents Healthy Immune Support Oil at least two times daily.
  • Drink hot liquids... May we suggest Rose Hip Immune or Detox Tea?
  • Shower with Hair/Body Wash that includes Essential Oils.
  • Clean the home with mild cleansers with essential oils. Vinegar and baking soda is great too.
  • In laundry use white vinegar and some essential oils in rinse and/or bleach dispensers. Use hot water for washing if at all possible. This combination will kill almost all bacteria, virus, fungus that can survive a warm/cool wash cycle.


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