Hair Loss Treatment Kit

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Hair Loss Treatment Kit

Hair Loss Treatment Kit

Nourishes and Cares for Hair Fibers and Follicles

If you have been counting the number of hairs that have fallen in your bathroom sink, may I show you this all-in-one kit that can promote and support healthy hair and follicles? It's a more economical way to take better care of your head of hair instead of buying one or two items at a time.

Of course everyone is different, and we are not talking about "stubborn, severe pattern baldness," but this economical kit gives hope when so many other hair products didn't quite do the trick.

I have several clients who have been amazed at how much this helps! But keep in mind that this is not an overnight solution. When being consistent with the treatment, it is a sensible long-term solution to support both your hair and the follicles.

Kit contains 8 oz Hair Loss Shampoo or 3 bars Hair Loss Bar Soap and 4 oz. Hair Loss Stimulating Treatment.

Like our other liquid Castile Soaps, your hair will go through a "detox" to remove the chemicals from hair shaft and scalp. For the first 10-12 shampoos, your hair may feel oilier and heavier, so use less shampoo, not more. Do not use a conditioner!

The Vinegar Rinse product can help greatly.

Brush dry hair gently but thoroughly with a good brush or wooden comb. This will help remove the Stimulating Treatment at the end of the day as well as stimulating scalp.

Here is a link to our
Brush and Wooden Combs

There is a learning curve when switching to Castile soaps. It is completely different from the "chemical surfactants" you have been using.

You can use this shampoo as often as you used your previous shampoo, however, most people use too much soap on their bodies and hair. Less is more, naturally speaking. Ideally, you should only use soap on your hair 1 or 3 times per week to keep the scalp from drying out. If you are showering other times, use the Vinegar Rinse on your hair.

When you order one or both kits, let me know what you think. I'd love to know your opinion! Where may I send you these kits ASAP for you to try?

Toxin-free Hair Care

Wonderful, handcrafted chemical free products. Our castile soaps are made the old-fashioned way. Our products will not strip color from color-treated hair.

Read this before starting our Castile Shampoos or other natural products:

Switching from commercial shampoo to natural castile requires an adjustment period and a change of habits to get the best results. Going toxin-free and all natural also requires a change in expectations.

Lather is a petroleum chemical creation. Nothing in nature lathers like shampoo or chemical detergents. In ages past, people used soapwort or yucca root. These foam some with little bubbles, but there is nothing in nature like chemical lather.

Castile soaps, soapwort or yucca root are not drying like the chemical lather. Which is why you will not need conditioner with our soaps. Castile soaps made with coconut oil and tallow foam better, but vegan customers do not want anything made with animal products.

It is common that your hair may initially feel heavy, greasy, oily or very dry when first using our Castile Shampoos, a few days or a week or more. Don't Panic! Your scalp is going through a detoxification process and/or, you are using conditioner when you should not be. Read the HAIR TIPS for encouragement, too.

All the information I would give you by phone or email is here!!!

Information on VINEGAR RINSE is here also!

Time is what your scalp and hair need to get cleared of the toxins that you have been using all your life. The vinegar rinse and brushing your hair daily also speed the toxin removal-yes, really. Both are vital to a healthy scalp. I continue to use vinegar full strength; I rarely use soap on my head anymore--after 12 years there are no more toxins.
Feel free to print this information out for yourself or to encourage others.

A note about our Unscented Shampoo:
Customers have asked about having essential oils in the Unscented shampoo. There is .02% of Lavender and .02% of Rosemary Essential Oils. This small amount helps to offset the smell of some of the other ingredients. The small amount also helps to preserve the soap&-otherwise after about 3 months it smells off-it is not spoiled, just smells odd. I have no plans to stop putting this amount of the oils in our Shampoo.
Thank you for understanding.

Wondering how that commercial shampoo is made?
Take a look at the Surfactant Chemistry page
It is a simple, easy to understand explanation. Are you aware of the chemicals used? How many of these chemicals can cause cancer? What are you using on your precious children? How long can they handle the chemical overload? What damage is those chemicals doing to our environment?

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