Green Tea Daily Cleanser


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Green Tea Daily Cleanser

Green Tea Daily Cleanser

Used for Dry Skin and Redness

Just when we thought skin care products couldn't get any better, somebody came along and probably said something like, "Hey, why don't we mix green tea and essential oils together?"

In steps Green Tea Daily Cleanser. With a combination of green tea, essential oils, oats, almond meal and kaolin clay, this is a non-soap daily cleanser specifically for dry skin and redness - and an all-around good skin care product that you won't be able to get enough of!

Let's look at green tea. Skin care companies have been using all different kinds of teas in their creams and masks for a number of years now because some herbs are well known for their antioxidant benefits. However, unlike other teas, green tea is not fermented when it is steamed. This is important in green tea face mask and cream products because the lack of fermentation allows the antioxidants to remain in the leaves, stems, and the buds so that they remain at their highest effectiveness. This makes green tea skin care quite beneficial...especially for fighting aging when it is combined with other ingredients such as the ones listed in the "ingredients" section.

If that weren't enough, green tea also contains molecules known as polyphenols. These have been shown beneficial for our immune system. It's the immune system that keeps us healthy 24/7.

When your order of Green Tea Daily Cleanser comes to you in the next few days, you'll want to shake it gently, wet skin, then gently massage onto skin. Rinse it off. This is also great in the shower too.

Give me your opinion on it. I'd love to know what you think. And thank you for your order!

Premium Face Care

Handcrafted chemical free products.

Are you tired of always being told you need more and more products in a "Face Care Regimen"

Using Healing Scents handcrafted toxin-free products cares for your skin gently, you can create your own regimen.

For oily skin and don't wear makeup--rinse your face with water, then use a Facial Toner on a cotton pad or ball, even a cotton cloth. The Acne Gel can help control oil and the blemishes in the areas that break out.

The Facial Scrub is great to use 1 or 2 times a week, especially easy to use in the shower!

You can use the Forever Young Face Cream or Oil on the areas that do not break out--especially great around the eyes, (whole eye area, lids included) bracket area between nose and mouth corners, neck and cheek areas. Leathery skin is not attractive.

For Normal skin--You have several options. If you wear makeup, you should use a Cleanser to remove the makeup. The Eye Makeup Remover is fantastic at removing eye makeup while helping to reduce the puffiness under the eyes.

Without makeup, you can use only a Toner, then the Forever Young Face Cream or Forever Young Face Oil.

If you have areas that occasionally break out; use the Acne Gel or Blemish Stick on those areas-not the Forever Young Oil or Cream.

With normal skin, using the Facial Scrub once or twice per week can help remove dead skin cells.

Should I use the Forever Young Face Cream or Forever Young Face Oil?

These formulas are both promote happier skin. These also bring skin smoothness and can reduce visible wrinkles-all without toxic ingredients!

Dry or older, more mature skin will definitely benefit from using the Forever Young Face Oil. I recommend using the Face Oil twice a day with these skin types.

Normal skin can benefit from using the Forever Young Face Oil around the eye and mouth area that ages faster. Here I recommend using the Forever Young Face Oil at night. Then use the Forever Young Face Cream in the morning. Be sure to apply to the neck and upper chest area.

Dry skin needs the Forever Young Face Oil. Dry skin may not need to be cleansed or toned except with plain water, unless you wear makeup.


This formula is for a more extensive "face restructuring." It can be used to deal with Acne. This formula also can help us more "matured" to take control of the "aging" process. Please use it carefully and limit the amount of time you leave it on, especially at first, until you learn how your skin will react. There can be stinging. Wash off when it hurts. Will leave skin red for one or two hours. We recommend using the Forever Young Face Oil after a treatment.

Hope this helps you negotiate the sometimes murky waters of Face Care.

Can you eat your cosmetics?

A great rule of thumb is: if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. If you would be afraid to eat it, don't put it on your skin. Barb and I have tasted every product--some taste surprisingly good! Your skin is what you put on it. Use chemicals and it will absorb those chemicals. Pure plant oils are what your skin craves. Keep it happy and it will keep you happy!

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