Foot Care Pack

Foot Care Pack

Foot Care Pack

A money-saving pack of three of our favorite foot care products. Priced separately, you would pay $20.50

2 oz. Foot Bath:

So soothing after a long day on your feet. A dispersible oil with essential oils to pamper your hot, tired feet. This is a heavenly way to end a hectic day on your feet!

Draw warm water and swirl to disperse the blended oils and relax for at least 15 minutes.

2 oz. Foot Lotion:

Soothing, cooling Foot Lotion feels great after a grueling day of walking or working!

Made with a signature blend of natural, real ingredients.

8 oz. Foot Powder:

A non-talc blend of powders and clays with essential oils. Helps to prevent odor and wetness. Also use in shoes to help keep feet dry.

For pampered, sweet smelling feet, use everyday; especially between toes to keep them dry and healthy.

Natural Foot Care Products

Take care of your feet the handcrafted toxin-free way!

Do you have chronically dry, cracked skin and heels? I want you to think of this while you are showering: What are you washing your hair and body with? Is it full of chemicals? You are standing in those chemicals for the length of your shower. Your feet are soaking in those chemicals longer than your head and hands.

Another thought–How long are you letting your feet "breathe" every day. Your bare feet need to be in the air for at least 15 minutes a day.

Problems with Athlete's Foot? Try putting your bare feet in the sunlight for 15 minutes a day. Sun and air kill those dark loving yeast and bacteria.

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