EnP Relief Cream


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EnP Relief Cream

EnP Relief Cream

A soothing hand-created and bottled cream for those who suffer from skin issues like Eczema and Psoriasis.

Very few people think of their immune system when they look in the mirror and see splotches of redness, irritations, non-cystic acne - and the occasional itching that goes along with it. But that's what you need to keep in mind. The immune system helps to keep us healthy from the inside out - and looking our brightest. It also gives us strong support in regard to healthy inflammation.

Includes NEEM SEED OIL Used in India for centuries, it has only recently been "discovered" in the US. Its use against many diseases has started being researched.

The essential oils used in this formulation, has been for ages, used for skin-related problems. Each essential oil has a rich history relating their use in caring for damaged skin problems.

This is one of my most "repeat" customer items. It is amazing how well it works!

HOW TO USE: You can use this cream as often as needed, but wash the area before reapplying. When you get your skin cleared, please remember to use the cream at least one time per week. It will help your skin to continue to fight off problems.

Chemicals in personal care products, foods and pharmaceutical drugs can cause or exasperate skin issues.

EnP Relief Cream contains a blend of cold pressed oils, butters, therapeutic essential oils and neem seed oil. for their skin soothing properties. Neem seed oil adds it's wonderful benefits. The rich blend of carrier oils in this cream are very soothing to stress, immune related skin conditions.

May I send you a bottle? Take before and after pictures to document the journey. We would love to see your journey and hear your honest opinion.

Skin Issues

Handcrafted, soothing and promoting products to give you the great looking skin you desire.

Researchers are starting to realize that these conditions are related to the amount of chemicals in today's products.

The FDA does not permit me to say more.

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