Diaper Care


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Diaper Care

Diaper Care

A balm for baby's tender tushy.

Cleanse area. Apply ointment gently. Regular use prevents irritation.

"Soft as a baby's bottom"—a wonderful old saying that also points out just how vulnerable this area is. Diapers create a warm, moist bacteria-laden environment that can erupt into a red, raw, very sore, hard-to-heal area.

This diaper cream is created using calendula oil. This helps soothe irritated skin. These essential oils help the healing process. The zinc oxide gives a boost to the healing, soothing effects of this cream.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

See blog posts: Do Essential Oils Have Antiviral, Antibacterial Properties? and Does Calendula help Skin issues? for study links.

Handcrafted, Toxin-free Baby Products

Handcrafted, gentle products for babies.

Babies have very sensitive and delicate skin. The toxins in commercial products are damaging to baby's skin. There are over 25,000 chemicals in those products. 70% of those are considered toxic. Here at HealingScents we Hand-Craft the safest most natural products.

It makes sense to use the most natural products you can. Keep your baby safe from these toxic chemicals. Then, less to worry about. Not skin problems, nor eye problems, or future problems with congested liver, kidneys or pancreas.

Regularly using essential oils also fights the bacteria and virus that are the leading causes of colds, flu, and other illnesses.

Final note: If a shampoo claims "No Tears" formula, it means they have a chemical numbing agent in the detergent (it's not soap) to numb the eyes so the baby/child can not feel the irritation. This can lead to eye damage.

Go to the Toxins page to find out about common toxins in commercial products.

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