Creepy Crawler Repellent


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Creepy Crawler Repellent

Creepy Crawler Repellent

An extremely effective toxin-free product to kill and repel those creepy-crawlies.

Use around windows, on screens and doorways—anywhere ants and other insects enter your home.

In late summer, spray around the foundation of your home, especially inside at the sill plate. Can be sprayed outside also. Keep from being over-run with all those little critters during the fall rush. This even works on the Lady Bugs!

These essential oils repel insects, kills ants, crickets, waterbugs, earwigs, lady bugs, roaches, box elder bugs.

Creates an aromatherapy barrier to help you create a natural "no-bug" zone! Re-apply periodically.

Contains Neem Seed Oil. Neem seed oil only affects "bad bugs" not the helpful insects and not the birds that feed on any insect. Insects it does not kill rapidly, it disrupts their reproductive system to stop them from reproducing.

The 4 ounce concentrate makes 2 16 oz bottles.

I placed an order on 9/27, for your Creepy Crawler Repellent. I love this stuff, especially because I have pets and we are having a bad problem this summer. I am almost out of my last bottle, just wondering has my order shipped yet?? Next time I think I will order 2. Michelle. NOTE: It was going out that day :)

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