Use our bar soap! (Plain Jane or 100% Olive Oil work well) and brush or sponge... Lightly rub wet brush on soap. Put water in largest dirty container or dishpan. You want hot water; but don't waste water running it too hot. People used to keep water on the stove for the first burst of hot water. Clean container. If it has lots of icky stuff, drain that water and put in some more hot water. If using a dishpan... Using the brush/soap method clean all dishes. Put aside, you will rinse them at the same time to avoid wasting water. The economical earth-friendly way of rinsing is a dishpan of clean hot water. Swish dishes in rinse water set aside to dry. Clean dishes while not wasting gallons of water....What can be easier. Keep the bar of soap in a bowl or other container. Any soap that melts then is saved and can be used. You can also use this method with our Dish Soap, but it does have a little decylpolyglucoside (oldest, safest) surfactant. I prefer the bar soap method.