Many customers have asked me about how I live—So I have written this

I have no health issues since I changed my life starting in 2008. Depression and dementia run in my family’s gene structure. I take our herbs everyday—Mental Alertness, Nervous Tension, Thyroid Regulation, Super Iron Tincture. I take a sublingual B-complex. I take Vitamin D in winter. In summer I get out in the sun and absorb the vitamin D the best way possible. I use our products only. My wear cotton clothing; (has to have less than 30% polyester. Most of my clothing is 100% cotton). I use my 20% in my diet. I eat a high protein, real food diet. I try to eat 3 whole vegetables and 3 whole fruits servings daily—It helps to think smoothies instead of juicing. Apple is good—has lots of fiber to keep the sugar from spiking blood sugar. Apple juice is just the sugar—goes straight to the blood sugar. I do some yoga-like stretches and poses several times a day. I go to a yoga class two or three times per week. I have a “whole body vibration” machine that I use at least 20 minutes a day about 5 times per week. I am working diligently on my posture. It was terrible before. Rounding the shoulders prepares one for the walker you will need soon. I, like many, never wanted to listen about the necessity for good posture. But it is vital! Without good posture, soon there are back problems, balance issues, digestive problems, heart disease, and/or cancer. I have none of these. I am 60 years old. I take no pharmaceuticals. I take after my mom's side of the family—have a "peasant" body style. Large bone structure and extra padding. I have a very muscle-dense body style. 29 out of 30 mornings; I eat low-fat yogurt; blueberries or strawberries and about 2 Tbls. of granola. I do not eat as many vegetables as I should; but I try to get 2 servings of "green" and 3 fruits. At least twice a week I make a veggie dense meal. I often eat a 100% whole wheat tortilla chicken-cheese quesadilla for lunch . I make veggie soups and eat lots of the leftovers. I barely saute veggies in my cast-iron skillet with a little coconut oil/olive oil/butter (depending on veggies) and the Savory Herb blend. We keep some Pink Himalayan Salt and the Elite 4-pepper blend.. I have a large salad at least two times a week using loose-leaf lettuces and/or spinach. I do not buy organic and consume about 3 servings of dairy every day. Our beef is grown by a friend of my daughter's in central Ill. I purchase most of my fresh veggies and dairy from a store we have called "Aldi's". The dairy cooperative pledged not to use hormones or antibiotic. Plus they are a "bare bones" type of store and offers better prices on the products they offer. Most of what they have is processed. But I make sure I buy what is not—maybe eventually more people will care about real. When I eat out, I consciously make the better choices. Regardless of what anyone else does. If I have a salad and it turns out to be iceberg lettuce; I only eat the darker green parts and other veggies on it. I try not to "splurge" more than once a week. I found I can get in the "habit of splurging". Very bad for a long-term healthy diet. I use my Lower Bowel Cleanse and Parasite Cleanse and do the 3-day Juice Cleanse at least one time per year. I use peppermint essential oil daily on the back of my tongue. I use the Cold/Flu/Sinus oil, Easy Breezy, Whipped Body Butter; other stuff daily. I only use soap on my body about every 2 days. If I need to shower on the other day  it is just a vinegar-type shower. As I have indicated it is a whole-lifestyle change. I've only been to a doctor 3 times in the last 3 years. My blood work is great. I donate both white blood cells and whole blood regularly. I have always said I have "peasant genes"—strong as a horse type. I get out and breath fresh air 10-15 minutes a day. We do not have carpet. I walk barefoot on wood, tile, dirt almost all the time in Spring, Summer, Fall. I do it less in Winter. I wear white cotton socks because the darker dyes break out my toes. (Mostly I wear them under the black ones in winter. I wear UGGs barefoot in the winter. I have leather sandals I wear almost all the rest of the year. I like my feet to "breathe." I do eat some sugar every day. My favorite is Strawberry sweet tart candies. I don't need much because the sugar hits fast. I guess I could switch to small amounts of honey, but, I keep some 85% chocolate or Hershey Special Dark. These kill the chocolate craving quickly without eating too much. This is probably a lot more info than you ever wanted; but I wanted to tell everyone as honestly as I could. I did not grow up this way. We lived on a farm; drank cow's milk (I milked) ate white bread, potatoes and gravy almost every day. Worked hard. Played hard. My teeth are permanently yellowed from tetracycline that I had regularly growing up. I weighed 375 pounds in 2000. I had gastric bypass surgery and lost much weight. I realize a few years later that I had to change my lifestyle to keep from gaining the weight back. I saw the way my mom and dad deteriorated when they started eating unhealthy foods all the time and stopped moving around much. I determined I did not want to end up like that. I asked God for 120 years and He told me what I need to do. I had to change everything to be healthy. Will I live that long? God knows. I've made the changes and am healthier, happier, more joyful, and more giving. Life is great—not perfect—this world is corrupt. We each do the best we can with what we are given. And trust Him for the rest.