Hello, My name is Todd and I love the products I have bought from you.  I regularly use your toxic-free deodorant.  I started a quest about 5 years ago to start detoxifing my life and living a more organic healthy lifestyle.  Your products have been very helpful.  I am a police officer in the Middle TN area and your toxic free deodorant has been wonderful.  I use a pea sized drop on both underarms and never worry. It will last all day and through the next morning's workout.  As you can imagine being in dark blue polyester in the middle of the hot day can be rough.  Your product stands up to the test better than any of the chemically laden commercial giants. I have recommended you to several friends and I hope you will see more business from around the area as word gets out.  I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your product and I am introducing more of your products and suggestions as time goes on.  I realize this is a journey and a lifetime of bad habits and faulty instruction are hard to break. Thank you again, God Bless you and please keep up the wonderful work. Todd