What do we mean when we say “custom formulated”for you?

Custom formulation means work for us; but the freshest product we can give you. Our liquid soaps are made in 5 gallon batches. Our bar soap recipes make 36 bars at one time. Both of these work better when they have cured for 30 days. Our lotions, creams, butters and ointments are made in 64 ounce – 2 gallon batches. As you can see; we do not have product sitting around. We make up our scent blends in 1 - 8 ounce glass bottles (depending on how popular the scent is. Samples are made by hand. Filling little bottles and making samples is a labor of love to help you try different products we make. When you order a product that has a choice of scent…..say you order a Citrus Fresh Shampoo; we put a couple of ounces of the shampoo base in the bottle; next we add essential oil scent blend. We shake well. Add more shampoo base and scent blend; shake well. We cap the bottle; label the bottle; make the next item you ordered. As you can see; this is a labor of love. There are no bottles of shampoo or jars of whipped body butter sitting around just waiting for you to order them. The exception to this is a very few popular items. This is why we don’t put many items “on sale”. Products do not sit on the shelf getting old. Barb is kept very busy making our soaps, lotions, butter, creams and oils. Carrie is our Order Fulfillment and Packing Department; Kathleen handles questions, comments, website, finances, and everything else. Your products are made for you...not sitting in a warehouse shelf somewhere for 2 years before going to your local store shelf.