Oh...thank you! I don't have asthma but I have an asthma like reaction. I have multiple chemical sensitivity and it's been pretty bad lately. Even with 2 prescription inhalers and prescription drugs I've not been able to take a deep breath since mid-December (a few times I wondered if I'd even get to take another breath!). I used your Bronchial Asthma Healing Oil a few hours ago and it feels like the elephant finally got off of my chest! And I'm so relaxed...being able to breath sure does make a world of difference! I could probably write a book but I'll spare you from having to read it. I just want to say that I love your products and I'm so glad I just happened to find your site one night when I was searching for products I could use without killing myself off. And, I was quite surprised when I saw you were in Rockford. Thanks for the samples you include and for the cards of encouragement! I do the same thing myself (put scriptures or quotes on business card stock). I put them in various places around the house or my office at work and they always seem to pop out when I need them most. Now I have some fresh cards to add to my collection! Have a great time in Florida! Connie P