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My own experience switching to natural products

I absolutely love your shampoo/body wash. I have it in lavender minty, and its one of the best things I have ever smelled. I wanted to let you know of my experience in switching over to natural products with long (waist-length), dry, thick, coarse hair, since it might help others. I had planned a month or so in advance for the switch. I stopped using any extra products such as hairspray, gel, and serum in my hair and just used shampoo and conditioner for two weeks. Then for one week, I used shampoo only. After this three week period, I started using your natural shampoo. After the transition period, I found that I had no problem switching over, and it actually felt like your shampoo was what my hair needed. I didn’t experience a lot of gunk removal and my hair looked and felt amazing nearly right away. I have been using your product for about two weeks now (about 7 shampoos), and have been following every shampoo with a vinegar rinse.

I hope this information can help someone out there, especially if they have hair similar to mine and are a bit wary about switching to natural products.



Help!! My Hair feels heavy, gunky and greasy!!

HealingScents.com Shampoo and Bar Soaps

–Your scalp WILL go through a detox!

HELP!! My hair feels heavy, gunky, and greasy!!!  This is an email or call I get most often!

Don’t give up! You are getting there! IT TAKES TIME! There are many chemicals clogging the pores in your scalp.

Our hope is that this little flyer (and blog post) will help you stay determined in your quest to become less chemically toxic.

Our first and foremost recommendation is to use our Bar Soaps. (If you have a handcrafter who make a real bar of soap locally, or you want to try your hand at a real bar soap will work too) We recommend using the vinegar rinse every time you shampoo and for the off days when you are not using soap. I use vinegar every time I shower. It is very balancing to your skin and helps keep the bacteria in check. If you start, soon you will love what it does for your hair. It conditions, and helps clean up your scalp.

That gunky stuff is coming from the pores of your scalp. If you can use your nails and scrape junk from the back of your head., just think of where it is coming from. Your whole head is in the detox process; not just your hair. That stuff has been building up in there all your life. Now you are getting rid of it. Using baking soda and vinegar (a volcano) can help remove the sludge that doesn’t want to wash away. It can leave the hair feeling dry. Try coconut oil, olive oil or one of our great conditioning products…Shea Butter Hair Treatment, Conditioner, or Intensive Hair Treatment.

If you have long hair it can be a difficult switch to Castile shampoos, but worth it. I really recommend cutting hair short, donating it to help others and start with fresher non-chemical polluted hair for best results.  Our Clarifying Shampoo really does help get rid of some of the gunk; but, it is castile soap with polyglucoside. It was one of the first “natural” surfactant. I do not recommend it for constant use; but that said; it is better than any alternative in the commercial marketplace.

Here are the hair care tips I give those who are struggling to switch to liquid castile soaps:

There is a best way to use our Shampoo and Conditioner. We recommend using the Shampoo for 8 – 10 washings (about 2 weeks; shampooing every other day) before ever using the Conditioner. This is to really start the process of cleaning the chemicals out of your scalp. This is the time when you really need to use the vinegar rinse.

Most of our newer customers can scrape gunk from the scalp after starting our products. That is chemical buildup coming out. This process will take time. It seems to come in waves. After two weeks; it will lessen. But, those chemicals will take time to work out from the deep dermal layers.

For the liquid shampoos: Use as small an amount as you can. We have been taught to use way too much shampoo. Put this small amount on your fingers; massage into the scalp…not the hair. It goes much farther than you realize. Too much soap can’t be washed out easily.  Less is better. Continue using the vinegar; it’s amazing what it will do for your scalp, hair, body, feet. Washing your hair more may not make the process any faster. But the vinegar rinse will. It takes time for those chemicals to rise up through the dermal layer. To truly detox takes time….there are no instant cures to detoxing our body; inside or out.

We suggest using one of our great Bar soaps for your hair; yes, it is great for hair too…and easier to use. Our customers seem to have an easier time with the scalp detox because the bar soaps help to break the gunk down more easily than the liquid shampoos.

You can try a second lathering while going through detox.. Too much soap will not work better. It will not get washed out easily and will contribute to the gunkiness. Work from scalp down. Remember, you are cleaning the scalp; not the hair. This is very important with a natural castile soap. You do not need a lot of lather for this. We recommend this even with the bar soap; at least until you are finished detoxing your scalp.

Vinegar Rinse.  We strongly recommend using a vinegar rinse. This helps get the gummy chemical residue out of your scalp; use 1/2 – 1 cup plain white vinegar (apple cider or wine vinegar, if you prefer). After lathering, slowly pour and working vinegar through hair. Concentrate on the base of the skull. (You can dilute the vinegar with water; but the best results come from using it full strength.) Rinse.

Fly-away Hair after using Vinegar. If your hair seems “fly-away” after using the vinegar; The Whipped Body Butter, Ultimate Body Lotion; Forever Young Face Cream or Oil, Men’s Face Lotion and the Liquid Gold all help control your hair. Just use the left-overs from the palms of your hands after you use one of these.

Fly-away hair can be caused by wearing polyester clothing. Polyester is PET Plastic. It causes static all.

Another detoxing method….baking soda:   Mix 2 Tbsp. baking soda in 2 quarts hot water.  Stir to dissolve. Slowly pour on hair part of it on hair. Work through. Rinse. Repeat with more of the solution several times.  Rinse well with warm water. Follow with a quick vinegar rinse.

Combing and brushing your hair. Your hair needs the oils the scalp produces. You need to gently brush or comb your hair every day. Your hair will respond quickly; looking and being healthier. We recommend using a wood comb; or a natural rubber bristle brush. Some of our customers have found dog brushes have great rubber bristles. Plastic create static and can break hair. This will not cause you to lose hair. You are stimulating the scalp; waking up the hair follicles and helping the gunk to get out of your deep dermal layers faster. This will really help the detox process. You have been putting chemicals into your scalp for (how old are you?) years…this is what is coming out! It will take time.

You will have less trouble if you cut your hair short….and let it grow back out. You will have healthy hair growing and will be much better than trying to resurrect dead and damaged chemical laden hair.

I colored my hair with commercial products for at least 5 years before I started using henna and became comfortable with my gray. Gray or silver is to be a crowning glory of our wisdom. God is pleased with our wisdom….we have to stop thinking like the world around us. Continue with the detox and you will be much happier and healthier by next year….enjoy the journey; looking forward not back.

You will have better scalp and hair if you continue…. using a handcrafted bar of soap. Every soapmaker’s soap is different.  Only handcrafters who make their soaps the “old-fashioned” way can provide chemical free soaps. Yet, many of these soapers use chemical-based fragrance oils. We created our own soaps because I could not find a real soap I liked that was pure.  Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soaps lather really well. This is because they are using chemically created surfactant(s) in it. This doesn’t make for a healthy scalp.  When a company makes product in huge batches for consumer retail; something is lacking. Other so-called Organic companies make compromises to produce huge batches of product that last for years on the shelf. It happened to Avalon Organics, Burts Bees, Jason, Nature’s Gate….these all use surfactants and other toxic chemical substances. Check your ingredients against EWG’s cosmeticdatabase.com. I am saddened that EWG has been giving low ratings for chemical surfactants. It is unfortunate that chemicals are starting to rule the world. We are less healthy for that reason.

Kathleen Hembree, HealingScents.com

No more throwing my money away on commercial products…

Good Morning, First of all I would just like to say I love all your products you sent me. Even the samples.

I am 31 and have been a slave to commercial products since I can remember. I have been using oil of olay pro-x for over a year. I knew it was bad for me. But, with fine lines and wrinkles, I didn’t care. However, your face oil and cream that you sent are like little miracles in a bottle. Instantly after washing with your cleanser followed by the toner and 30’s oil last night I had no more fine lines. Blew oil of olay out the water.

Your sample of the Eczema & Psoriasis cream cleared up my psoriasis over night.

The Clarifying shampoo is great. My hair was not gunky and greasy like it has been for the past 2 weeks of going no poo. My daughter loved the lavender bar for her hair. She loves that she doesn’t have to use shampoo and conditioner any more.

We washed a load of colored clothes with the soap nuts w/vinegar rinse followed with the dryer sheets and lemongrass oil and they came out great.

My fiance also likes the men’s face lotion. He has been using the olay also and was surprised that your product worked even better.

Needless to say we are all very happy with your products and I will definitely be ordering full size bottles of all the products I ordered from you. I am a single mother in the military and this is going to definitely help us with our family budget.

No more throwing my money away on commercial products that are toxic to my family and the environment. Please keep up the good work and I will definitely spread the word about your wonderful products to everyone I can. Have a wonderful day,

ET3 Charly P.
US Coast Guard