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My name is Todd and I love the products I have bought from you.  I regularly use your toxic-free deodorant.  I started a quest about 5 years ago to start detoxifing my life and living a more organic healthy lifestyle.  Your products have been very helpful.  I am a police officer in the Middle TN area and your toxic free deodorant has been wonderful.  I use a pea sized drop on both underarms and never worry. It will last all day and through the next morning’s workout.  As you can imagine being in dark blue polyester in the middle of the hot day can be rough.  Your product stands up to the test better than any of the chemically laden commercial giants.

I have recommended you to several friends and I hope you will see more business from around the area as word gets out.  I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your product and I am introducing more of your products and suggestions as time goes on.  I realize this is a journey and a lifetime of bad habits and faulty instruction are hard to break.

Thank you again, God Bless you and please keep up the wonderful work.


I have been meaning to write this for a while.  I love the products that I have been using.
The first products I tried were the Facial cleanser and Forever Young Face Cream.  I have been using it for about a year.  This past Christmas, I was visiting my mom and she commented about how youthful and smooth my face looked.  She even said that it looks like my 19 year old daughter’s skin!
The deodorant cream is wonderful.  I was having an odor problem and had to start using clinical strength deodorant.  I had tried other natural brands and they didn’t work.  I ordered a sample and was so excited when I was able to go all day and not have the bad odor.  My daughter has since started using it.
I have recently started using the bar soap and love it.  I live in PA and my skin get real dry in the winter, but your Cocoa Butter bar leaves my skin so soft and smooth.  My husband has now switched over to using my soap and my daughter took my second bar for herself.  I love to put it in the soap net.
I, also, just started using the mineral foundation makeup and love how it goes on and that it doesn’t take very much to get the coverage I need.
My other favorite is the Women Tonic.  I am amazed at the results I am seeing:  better sleep (still wake up in the middle of the night), monthly cramps very mild if any, food cravings are diminishing.  I have gotten lazy one week and realized the difference and will now always take the tonic daily…..

Julie Z

Thank you for all you do to help me and my family live healthier lives.  Also, thank you for your testimony of your faith in Christ Jesus.  He is my Lord and Savior, too.

Thanks very much!

Thanks very much!  Glad to hear you are good busy!  I recently discovered my husband’s cousin used one of your products (the deodorant). She was at our house and saw the hand soap and commented.  She’d only tried the deodorant, but I was telling her all my favorites.  She said she’s part of a mom’s group that orders together a bunch of stuff from your website.  I am so glad that your company does so well, as it is truly a great service and lot of products you offer (and with that nice Christian touch, which is a plus!).~ Tara