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Recommendations for a Natural Lifestyle

Where do you start?

First thing you will have to decide is: “how real and natural are you willing to go?”
You have been using chemical laden products your whole life on your skin and hair. You have to be concerned about your diet also. Probably you eat at least some processed foods that are laden with chemicals. Are you willing to change all of that or just part? How healthy do you see yourself 15 years from now if you continue as you are?

You will have to “retrain” your nose on real scent. At first, smelling real essential oils and herbs will seem unpleasant. Your nose has been trained on chemicals…

My recommendations for your healthy future: Stop using all those chemicals. Your life should be an 80/20 balance. 80% real, healthy, natural; 20% the stuff you can’t give up. This includes everything in your life; clothing also. If you have digestion, bowel, liver, gallbladder, or thyroid issues; you have internal toxicity issues. This is from heredity, diet; and is related to the products you put on your skin. Your skin is only reflecting what is inside. Our healthy bodies are made to be self-cleansing to a large degree. Skin eruptions are the way your skin is trying to remove the chemicals deep in its layers.

There is a learning curve associated with using real and natural. Have you researched the chemicals you are using? And are you willing to trust your life to the manufacturer of the products? Are they made in China or some other third-world country? Do you trust their purity? Do you trust the chemical ingredients they are using? We make our products in small batches. Every other company out there uses ingredients I have made the choice not to use.We won’t sell a product that doesn’t work well. I am willing to give my products to Jesus and my Grandmothers. I trust they are that good.

Without your willingness to change from chemical products; our products will have limited results. Chemicals pollute real and natural. Just look at our earth, air and water to see that truth.

Dry facial, neck and upper chest skin that is now starting to show fine lines and wrinkles will benefit most from the Forever Young Face Oil. There are no petroleum oil-based chemicals in our face oils. This is the difference between our oils and others’ oils, serums and creams. If you really can’t bring yourself to use an oil, the Forever Young Face Cream is next best.

This whole process will take time and your skin may look like it is getting worse as it throws out those chemicals that are lodged deep within it. But, within 30 days you will see a marked improvement if you stick with it.

Product Recommendations

Here is a list of general lifestyle and product recommendations needed for switching to real and natural body and skin care products. Yes, I feel this is the bare minimum that a person should start with on the switch to becoming healthy for the rest of your life.

Essential Oils: there are many books. Learn about the simpler oils and incorporate them into your life. I would love it if all my customers learn to make some of their own products. SIMPLE IS BETTER.

Head to toe cleaning (except face): any of the Bar Soaps or the Liquid Castile Shampoo/Body Wash. Choose your scent…Remember you will have a learning curve to using real products. They are different from chemical products. These are good for children as well as adults.

Vinegar Rinse: Vinegar is amazing. If you can find a locally produced vinegar it will also taste well enough to use internally to help with cleansing your digestion and internal body systems. Vinegar is an acid; but internally is like citrus fruits: it helps to make your body more alkaline (I know seems weird; but that is true) whereas must of us are acidic. Many of my customers recommend using Bragg vinegar internally.

Whipped body butter or Ultimate Body Lotion….again your choice; both work really well. My favorite is the butter since I am older with drying skin. I “butter up” one or two nights a week…or as needed.

Toothgel: What you clean your mouth with is very important. The chemicals in other products go through your mucus membranes into your lymph system.

Face care: Face Care Challenge Pack….you can figure out which of the products work best for you. We don’t tell you to use every product. Use the ones that fit into your life best. If you don’t wear makeup and nail care; try using water washing followed by toner, then Forever Young Face Oil or Face Cream

Deodorant: we have solid, roll-on, spray and powder. No chemicals…safe protection.

Laundry: Soap nuts or our Laundry/Cleaning Castile soap. We have an HE washer. I love to use the Soap Nuts; my husband uses the Castile soap. Both work great. Vinegar in the rinse and I have put it in the bleach dispenser for the whites and very dirty loads.

Dishwasher soap: There are no non-chemical soaps that work well in a dishwasher. I would recommend using 1 cup of vinegar and 1 Tbls of borax. See the Earth-Friendly economical way of washing dishes in my post here..

Live Long Sunscreen: If you live where it is very sunny and warm. We need vitamin D from the sun. If you live in a cooler climate; it can take an hour of sunshine to get the required vitamin D. Sunscreens block our absorption of vitamin D. Moderation is the key to safely be in the sun. Don’t spend hours in the sun unless you are protected with Live Long Sunscreen.

Anti-Itch cream and/or Plantain Ointment: These are great for injuries or those unexpected bites or itches.

Cold, Flu, Sinus Oil: Use daily to help you fight off all the germs you are exposed to everyday. If a nasty virus does get through; the Cold, Flu, Sinus Oil can knock it out in 2-3 days when used immediately and often.

MRSA Spray: If you are around lots of people regularly.

Detox herbal vitamins: This will help cleanse your colon. We really recommend getting Colon Hydrotherapy from a Naturopath regularly. Death starts in the bowel and spreads from there.

Parasite herbal vitamins: It is estimated that 95-98% of us have parasites in bowel, intestines and blood. These help destroy the little critters and get them out of your system.

Diet: I can’t honestly recommend an “all organic” diet. Most companies have “bought” the organic designation. Can you trust China and other countries’ “organic” designations? I have not found it worth the high cost. Organic processed products and foods have many of the same ingredients of their “non-organic” competitors. I recommend eating real and natural….Much more fruits and vegetables then you are eating now. No meals from a box. No “convenience” meals from the freezer section.

Whole Body Tonic: Vitamin and Mineral supplement–for those with great diet and no chemical products or health history of problems; this may be all you need.

Home Cleaning: We have great cleaners for your home. You can also learn to create your own simple formulas from the links page. Castile soap, vinegar, baking soda, salt and essential oils will keep your home safer and healthier than any chemical product you can find.

Cookware: I recommend Stainless Steel or Corning Glass or Visions pans. Skillets: cast iron. Baking pans: stainless steel. I have used my Visions pans for 25 years now. I love them and will not switch to anything else….again there is a learning curve to proper heating. You need to store them properly (they can not nest together). NO non-stick cookware. Did you know that when the pan heats up it releases toxic gases which can cause cancer, organ failure and a slew of complications?

Lunches: Paper bags or a 100% cotton bag and waxed paper….maybe make it a competition on how long you can reuse that paper bag or the waxed paper bags (yes, these can be rinsed, dried and reused).

Plastic zip bags: Just can’t do without them? Wash them and reuse them. Less expensive and better for the environment.

Clothing: Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Silk….Your clothing should be a minimum of 65% cotton. Stop using polyester, rayon, nylon…these are chemically created.

We have products for whatever ailment you have also. Herbal healing is slow and gentle. Herbal healing will make you life better in the long-term. Can you say that about chemical laden products and chemically-created pharmaceutical products?

Even before you get the products you decide to order; you can start the process of cleansing your body system. Start weaning yourself from the chemical products immediately. Vinegar can be used as a scalp and skin cleansing and healing aid.


Here are some basic recipes that you may want to play around with.

Cream recipe

1 cup oil
¼ oz (3 Tbls) beeswax
1 cup distilled water, warmed to about 100 degrees
30-50 drops essential oils
2 vit. E capsules or ½ tsp. T50 (vit. E)
(For extra preservation: ¼ tsp Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE)

Carefully melt beeswax in oil. On stove, use a double boiler. In microwave, use short lengths of time, checking frequently. Add vit. E or T50.

Put water in blender (always put oils into water). Remove center of lid. Turn blender on, SLOWLY add oil/beeswax blend to water. Should start to thicken about ¾ of the way through. Add essential oils. Finish adding oil mixture. Pour into jars. Shelf-life is about 2 or 3 months, longer if extra is refrigerated.

Instead of water; hydrosols, tea or aloe juice can be substituted.

Lotion recipe

1 cup oil (try sunflower, jojoba, shea butter and olive. Or any combination)
4 Tbls beeswax

2 cup distilled water (hydrosol, tea, aloe juice) warmed to about 100 degrees
(For extra preservation: 1 tsp. Potassium Sorbate)
½ tsp–1 tsp. Aloe powder (1-2 T. gel)
30–120 drops essential oils (1-2 tsp. cellulose or xanthan Gum – Maybe)
2 vit. E capsules or ½ tsp T50 (vit. E)
(For extra preservation: ¼ tsp. Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE)

Put oil and beeswax in a heat safe container. Add ROE, vit. E or T50 to oils.
Carefully melt. On stove, use a double boiler. In microwave, use short lengths of time, stirring and checking frequently.

Warm water. Put water in blender (always put oils into water). Add aloe, potassium sorbate if using. Remove center of lid. Turn blender on, SLOWLY add oil/beeswax blend to water. Blend 5–10 minutes. Let rest 15-30 minutes. Blend again several minutes. (If desired, add 1-2 tsp. cellulose or xanthan gum while blender is running.) . Add essential oils. Pour into bottles.
(Oils can be added to each bottle as it is being filled (fill about ½, then add oils. Shake really well). Shake well.

Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle

It will take years to cleanse your body system of petroleum chemicals you have been absorbing all your life. The best start you can give your children is a toxic chemical free life.
Here are some tips for after the detoxify period
Living Healthy Tips-
-80/20 rule- 80% healthy-good for you. 20% those things you can’t (or won’t) give up. This includes everything in your life—- food, clothing, personal care products, yard/garden products, bedding.

– Lather—-rule of life… if it foams and bubbles easily; its petroleum enhanced.
An exception: Healing–Scents bar soap…lathers well

– Food— Read all labels. Avoid processed food. Eat real foods; no boxed or frozen meals. Many times the food we get in most restaurants in are packaged, frozen, made in big factories.

– Clothing—Check labels. Avoid “chemical” fabrics. Wrap your body in the most natural fabrics you can. Especially true against the skin. Don’t be a fashion horse. I purchase most of my clothing from thrift stores. Here too read labels.

– Barefoot–let your feet breathe everyday. Clean between your toes every day. Connect your bare feet with real grass/earth/wood for at least 10-15 minutes a day.

– Reduce, reuse, recycle…God can’t bless you if you stop up His blessing with a dam. The prize is not for the most stuff. The prize is for how many of His children you help.

– Raise your face and hands to bless your Creator everyday. Have a thankful heart.

– Laugh everyday. Find something to laugh over. It always helps to laugh at ourselves. But don’t put yourself down. God Loves You! However, God wants to laugh with us. He is also there when you grieve. Holding you close, like a mother holds her child.

Wash dishes the earth friendly, economical way

Use our bar soap! (Plain Jane or 100% Olive Oil work well) and brush or sponge…

Lightly rub wet brush on soap. Put water in largest dirty container or dishpan. You want hot water; but don’t waste water running it too hot. People used to keep water on the stove for the first burst of hot water. Clean container. If it has lots of icky stuff, drain that water and put in some more hot water. If using a dishpan… Using the brush/soap method clean all dishes. Put aside, you will rinse them at the same time to avoid wasting water.

The economical earth-friendly way of rinsing is a dishpan of clean hot water. Swish dishes in rinse water set aside to dry.

Clean dishes while not wasting gallons of water….What can be easier. Keep the bar of soap in a bowl or other container. Any soap that melts then is saved and can be used.

You can also use this method with our Dish Soap, but it does have a little decylpolyglucoside (oldest, safest) surfactant. I prefer the bar soap method.

Vinegar Showering

I tell everyone how good vinegar is for your hair, body and skin…Everyone asks about details…So here is the attempt to get the details in writing for everyone.

I shower on average 3 times per week…this is all I need. Now if I’ve been working outside or getting sweaty and dirty; of course I shower. How often you need to shower is determined partly by your diet and what personal care products you use. What goes in must come out. A very healthy diet goes a long way to keeping your skin soft and supple. Your skin is your largest elimination organ.

I turn on the water. I turn it on full hot to get the hot water. (I will step in as soon as it starts to warm; (I dislike cold showers). I let the water flow down my body; head to toe after adjusting the temperature.

I work my fingers through my hair to let the water rinse through. After getting all wet, I step back so my head is not getting any more of the water. You can turn the water off for a few minutes. I rub my bar of soap front to back on my scalp three to five times. Then I rub the bar under each arm and down the lower back.

I put the soap down. Then start massaging my whole scalp with my fingers. I enjoy this part. It seems to be a real stress reliever. With my soapy hands; I wash my underarms and the rest of my body. Now I step under the water and work through my hair while rinsing the soap off. (At this point, I usually get squeaky clean hair.) Rinse then rest of your body.

Turn the water off again. Now I get the vinegar bottle….Starting at the front of my scalp with my head tilted back, I slowly drizzle a stream all along the hair line. With my other hand guiding, I drizzle the vinegar it over shoulders, arms, back and legs. I make sure I put some under arms and down the crack. I use full strength apple cider vinegar. You can use any dilution you are comfortable with.

I put the bottle down. Then using my hands I gently work it through my hair and gently rub skin all the way down (if I have time). With my vinegary hands I gently wash my face.

I turn the water on and rinse. Start rinsing with my face and hair, then letting the water rinse it off my body. Turn off the water and TAH DAH! Done! As you can see, I don’t use much soap. Sometimes I will use a Face Scrub on my face if I am having any issues. I will use one of my Body Scrubs on my hands, arms, legs if I get any dry, scaliness….which may only happen in the winter.

Dry off without pulling or stretching your skin. Leave your skin slightly damp so the extra water can be absorbed into your skin. Enjoy a toxin free body. Apply one of our deodorants, a light application of Forever Young Face Oil (on damp skin) and I’m ready for my day! You can use the Whipped Body Butter or the Ultimate Lotion on your skin for silky soft, healthy skin. I prefer using the Butter at night before bed.

Hope this helps…remember to enjoy the journey; looking ahead not back