Cleanser, Tooth Gel, Air Freshener

Hi Kathleen!
I wanted to tell you that I received my order yesterday. I absolutely LOVE the cleanser without the castile soap. It is really wonderful on my skin. I also wanted to tell you how much I love the orange tooth gel sample you put in my order. It is a much better product to brush with than traditional toothpastes that can be so unhealthy and abrasive. I am going to order a large amount. I also very much appreciate the other samples you give. The air freshener you sent smelled wonderful!
You are amazing!!!
Thanks Krissee

Ode to Mom-to-Be Lotion

Oh, how I love this lotion
Its like a magic potion

It soaks into my big belly
to keep it from shaking like
a bowl full of jelly.

These little stretch marks are such a curse
No one wants them to get any worse.

My bottle is empty now
Like a just milked cow

I would do any chore
If you would just send me more!!!
by Cindy R