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I have been meaning to write this for a while.  I love the products that I have been using.
The first products I tried were the Facial cleanser and Forever Young Face Cream.  I have been using it for about a year.  This past Christmas, I was visiting my mom and she commented about how youthful and smooth my face looked.  She even said that it looks like my 19 year old daughter’s skin!
The deodorant cream is wonderful.  I was having an odor problem and had to start using clinical strength deodorant.  I had tried other natural brands and they didn’t work.  I ordered a sample and was so excited when I was able to go all day and not have the bad odor.  My daughter has since started using it.
I have recently started using the bar soap and love it.  I live in PA and my skin get real dry in the winter, but your Cocoa Butter bar leaves my skin so soft and smooth.  My husband has now switched over to using my soap and my daughter took my second bar for herself.  I love to put it in the soap net.
I, also, just started using the mineral foundation makeup and love how it goes on and that it doesn’t take very much to get the coverage I need.
My other favorite is the Women Tonic.  I am amazed at the results I am seeing:  better sleep (still wake up in the middle of the night), monthly cramps very mild if any, food cravings are diminishing.  I have gotten lazy one week and realized the difference and will now always take the tonic daily…..

Julie Z

Thank you for all you do to help me and my family live healthier lives.  Also, thank you for your testimony of your faith in Christ Jesus.  He is my Lord and Savior, too.

Cat Flea and Tick Spray

Hi, I recently bought the cat flea and tick repellent. I started using it on my cat (I think she has fleas, but not sure, I know she has something on her) and she really seems to like it.
  It seems to calm her some. She also must think it tastes good as she licks it from my fingers and then cleans herself. I was wondering if you know if the oils that are in it are good for her. She hasn’t gotten sick, so I’m not concerned, just wondering if you looked into that and know. I know she likes it because she actually runs to me when I start shaking the bottle and that is not a normal thing she does!!
  Thanks for all you do, I love your products especially knowing they are all natural!! Catherine W

The essential oils that are in there are the ones we found that are safe for cats and work as repellents.
 That is the reason we have different formulas for cats and dogs. I believe that the oils are making her feel better; so she likes it.  Kathleen


Good Night Tea – Nervous Tension Herbal Vitamins

Testimonial from Courtney C:

I absolutely love the Good Night tea. I really struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep. With the help of the tea and also the Nervous Tension / Depression herbal supplements, I’m able to get a good night’s sleep without feeling medicated.
These also enabled me to get off of a prescription sleep medicine. I’m so grateful for the wonderful women at Healing-Scents.

Face Cream & Face Oil

I want to share a testimony with you. I was having some skin issues but I wasn’t quite ready to place an order because I wanted to make sure I liked your product and it worked for me so i just order a sample each of the face oil and the face cream. I used them for a week AND liked them but I wanted to finish my brand new bottles of my own products 1st. It took 2 days and my face is red and swollen and worse than before. My husband and mom both said if that’s what is does to you I think you better stick with, and I agree. Now I will be placing another order soon. Thank you!  Laura C
PS Laura shared with that that she had been using the other brand for 30 years!


My daughter had molluscum for at least six months. I decided to try your plantain ointment and it was gone within three days!

I thought it was a fluke but now have recommended it to three other families and they also had results! Thought you would want to know….


(Thanks Jenny….we love to know how our products work for our customers!)