Bronchial Asthma

     Lotsasmile is what I am tonight. In fact it was what I was last night also.
First I would like to share something with you. I have had asthma and allergy problems since childhood. I was born in August and my Mom always said I didn’t cry when I was born but I was sneezing.
     Last night I took everything out of the care package and sat it on my computer desk. Pretty soon the smell coming from the products is hitting my nose….As I am reading the literature you enclosed along with the catalog I realize I am starting to breathe easier and feeling a little less congested.
     I took a smell of the “Breathe Easier” inhaler and within 15 minutes had better results than I did from all the inhalers prescribed by the medical doctors. At least my nose was clearer and the drainage was clearing up and for the first time since December I had a full night’s sleep without waking up and coughing because of the drainage going down my throat.
     I will be ordering this again Kathleen I can tell you. Thank you.
Betty H, WI

Custom Formulated For You

What do we mean when we say “custom formulated”for you?

Custom formulation means work for us; but the freshest product we can give you.

Our liquid soaps are made in 5 gallon batches. Our bar soap recipes make 36 bars at one time. Both of these work better when they have cured for 30 days.
Our lotions, creams, butters and ointments are made in 64 ounce – 2 gallon batches. As you can see; we do not have product sitting around. We make up our scent blends in 1 – 8 ounce glass bottles (depending on how popular the scent is.
Samples are made by hand. Filling little bottles and making samples is a labor of love to help you try different products we make.

When you order a product that has a choice of scent…..say you order a Citrus Fresh Shampoo; we put a couple of ounces of the shampoo base in the bottle; next we add essential oil scent blend. We shake well. Add more shampoo base and scent blend; shake well. We cap the bottle; label the bottle; make the next item you ordered.

As you can see; this is a labor of love. There are no bottles of shampoo or jars of whipped body butter sitting around just waiting for you to order them. The exception to this is a very few popular items. This is why we don’t put many items “on sale”. Products do not sit on the shelf getting old.

Barb is kept very busy making our soaps, lotions, butter, creams and oils. Carrie is our Order Fulfillment and Packing Department; Kathleen handles questions, comments, website, finances, and everything else.

Your products are made for you…not sitting in a warehouse shelf somewhere for 2 years before going to your local store shelf.


Rosaceae is a common but often misunderstood condition that is estimated to affect over 45 million people worldwide. It begins as flushing and redness on the central face and across the cheeks, nose, or forehead but can also less commonly affect the neck, chest, scalp or ears. As rosaceae progresses, other symptoms can develop such as permanent redness, red bumps (some with pus), red gritty eyes, burning and stinging sensations, small blood vessels visible near the surface of the skin, and in some advanced cases a bulbous nose. The disorder can be confused and co-exist with acne vulgaris and/or seborrheic dermatitis. People that are fair-skinned are disproportionately affected. Rosaceae affects both men and women of all ages, but middle-aged women are more susceptible because of hot flushes caused by menopause.
The queen of flowers, the rose, has been found to be very healing and soothing to this condition. This cream also contains carrot infused oil as well as carrot seed essential oil. These are known for their skin-healing properties. The Emu is a wonder in itself.
I have carefully researched carrier oils and essential oils to come up with this formula. My clients are very happy with the way our Rosaceae cream works. They are great at referring others to get the relief they have gotten.

Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle

It will take years to cleanse your body system of petroleum chemicals you have been absorbing all your life. The best start you can give your children is a toxic chemical free life.
Here are some tips for after the detoxify period
Living Healthy Tips-
-80/20 rule- 80% healthy-good for you. 20% those things you can’t (or won’t) give up. This includes everything in your life—- food, clothing, personal care products, yard/garden products, bedding.

– Lather—-rule of life… if it foams and bubbles easily; its petroleum enhanced.
An exception: Healing–Scents bar soap…lathers well

– Food— Read all labels. Avoid processed food. Eat real foods; no boxed or frozen meals. Many times the food we get in most restaurants in are packaged, frozen, made in big factories.

– Clothing—Check labels. Avoid “chemical” fabrics. Wrap your body in the most natural fabrics you can. Especially true against the skin. Don’t be a fashion horse. I purchase most of my clothing from thrift stores. Here too read labels.

– Barefoot–let your feet breathe everyday. Clean between your toes every day. Connect your bare feet with real grass/earth/wood for at least 10-15 minutes a day.

– Reduce, reuse, recycle…God can’t bless you if you stop up His blessing with a dam. The prize is not for the most stuff. The prize is for how many of His children you help.

– Raise your face and hands to bless your Creator everyday. Have a thankful heart.

– Laugh everyday. Find something to laugh over. It always helps to laugh at ourselves. But don’t put yourself down. God Loves You! However, God wants to laugh with us. He is also there when you grieve. Holding you close, like a mother holds her child.

Wash dishes the earth friendly, economical way

Use our bar soap! (Plain Jane or 100% Olive Oil work well) and brush or sponge…

Lightly rub wet brush on soap. Put water in largest dirty container or dishpan. You want hot water; but don’t waste water running it too hot. People used to keep water on the stove for the first burst of hot water. Clean container. If it has lots of icky stuff, drain that water and put in some more hot water. If using a dishpan… Using the brush/soap method clean all dishes. Put aside, you will rinse them at the same time to avoid wasting water.

The economical earth-friendly way of rinsing is a dishpan of clean hot water. Swish dishes in rinse water set aside to dry.

Clean dishes while not wasting gallons of water….What can be easier. Keep the bar of soap in a bowl or other container. Any soap that melts then is saved and can be used.

You can also use this method with our Dish Soap, but it does have a little decylpolyglucoside (oldest, safest) surfactant. I prefer the bar soap method.

Natural Products For Toxin-Free Living