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Eczema Cream

Dear Kathleen, I am passing along some words from my mom. Thank you, Christine W

“The Eczema and Psoriasis Cream has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I found little relief from the prescription eczema and psoriasis ointments recommended by my doctor. At time, the pain was unbearable. It seemed hopeless for so long. The bleeding, scaling, and pain are gone and there is only a little bit of itching…it is a miracle. I am grateful and thankful to you for this gift.”

Absolutely love all the products

Absolutely love all of the products I have purchased from you.  Everything we have gotten has been of the highest quality and truly a pleasure to use.  I do find it very time consuming trying to navigate your website though.  There is an abundance of information on the pages and it is just a bit overwhelming.  I also have a hard time remembering where I found certain information the next time I go to place an order…..Anyway, I hope I haven’t offended you.  Thanks again for making such delightful products.


Men’s Colognes

Dear Kathleen,

I just wanted to write to you to tell you I LOVE your scents!!!  I have purchased Cedar Forest, which is my favorite, hands down, but I love Bay Rum-Lime and Herbal as well.  Wonderful, satisfying scents that have made several others ask what I was wearing and the smells, going to my nose, are just pleasurable as all get out!!  Love them!
Although I do not have the same religious beliefs as you, I have come to like your products, the speed with which they are delivered to my door and the straight forward way in which we order, pay and then it’s done!!!!  No nonsense all the way around.
Keep up the good work.  You have a customer for life.  Thanks for your wonderful products.
Cary R

Cat Flea and Tick Spray

Hi, I recently bought the cat flea and tick repellent. I started using it on my cat (I think she has fleas, but not sure, I know she has something on her) and she really seems to like it.
  It seems to calm her some. She also must think it tastes good as she licks it from my fingers and then cleans herself. I was wondering if you know if the oils that are in it are good for her. She hasn’t gotten sick, so I’m not concerned, just wondering if you looked into that and know. I know she likes it because she actually runs to me when I start shaking the bottle and that is not a normal thing she does!!
  Thanks for all you do, I love your products especially knowing they are all natural!! Catherine W

The essential oils that are in there are the ones we found that are safe for cats and work as repellents.
 That is the reason we have different formulas for cats and dogs. I believe that the oils are making her feel better; so she likes it.  Kathleen


Good Night Tea – Nervous Tension Herbal Vitamins

Testimonial from Courtney C:

I absolutely love the Good Night tea. I really struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep. With the help of the tea and also the Nervous Tension / Depression herbal supplements, I’m able to get a good night’s sleep without feeling medicated.
These also enabled me to get off of a prescription sleep medicine. I’m so grateful for the wonderful women at Healing-Scents.